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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 45 Recap

Zhou Xiaoliu organized a family banquet with carnations and invited Heshan’s relatives and friends to the provincial capital. This is to apologize, but also to thank everyone for helping to find people during this time. Dianthus intends to live in the provincial capital for a few days, and then return to Heshan. However, her children suggested that she should stay completely.

Because Zhou Qing is not in good health, he can only stay at home alone. From the bottom of his heart, he admires that Dianthus has not lived in vain. Just being missing for a few days makes everyone worried and anxious. After the family banquet, Shi Zhu personally came to Zhou Qing and took the initiative to chat with him about Zhou Xiaoxiao. Although Zhou Qing pretended not to care, he still hoped to visit the prison.

Afterwards, Dianthus took Zhou Qing to see Zhou Xiaoxiao in prison. At first, Zhou Xiaoxiao’s mood was not stable, but when he heard Zhou Qing’s confession, he also wept and blamed himself. The father and son talked about the past, and the gap between each other is gradually disappearing. Zhou Qing knows that he is not a good father and has not fulfilled his father’s responsibilities.

However, things have already happened, and people always have to look forward. Zhou Qing wants Zhou Xiaoxiao to turn over this article and encourage him to make good reforms. He should win back what he had lost before. Dianthus was very pleased to sit next to him. When he left the prison, he wanted to stay in the town, but when he heard that Jiang Lingdie had returned from the field, he decided to go back to Heshan again.

In order to make her son feel at ease in the prison, Shizhu took the initiative to contact Jiang Lingdie, and asked her to meet him, wondering if the other party was still willing to wait for Zhou Xiaoxiao to be released. However, Jiang Lingdie no longer has any hope. She is planning to divorce. This time, she wants to explain her intention to Dianthus. After the divorce, she will go to Hong Kong to make a movie.

Although Dianthus can hardly accept this fact, she still respects Jiang Lingdie’s choice. After all, people have different ideas. Some people are like Jiang He, who can turn from a small gangster to a responsible boss and husband, and some others. It’s Zhou Xiaoxiao, who doesn’t know the blessing in the blessing, and also makes people unpredictable, just like Jiang Lingdie.

In a blink of an eye, four years later, and soon in 1997, Zhou Xiaoxiao was actively reformed in the prison, received a six-month commutation, and was released early. The whole family took care of him. Because Zhou Xiaofeng was involved in destroying the cross-border drug trafficking operation, he did not arrive in time. Even the family didn’t know it, and they could be transferred back to the province only if they knew that the task was completed.

Everyone prepared many things for Zhou Xiaoxiao and invited him to serve as the manager of the Jiangliu Hotel. Zhou Xiaoxiao did not agree, because he wanted to look around first, let himself thoroughly figure out how to live in the future, and then decide what to do. Seeing that Zhou Xiaoxiao had changed a lot, Dianthus finally fell into a big stone. Because she worked too long, her body couldn’t support it, and she fainted on the spot.

Fortunately, after a doctor’s examination, the caryophyll is not a major problem, it is just malnutrition. Seeing Zhou Xiaoxiao staying with him for several days in a row, Zhou Qing asked him to go back to rest first, and stay to take care of him. However, Dianthus did not agree, and instead started fighting with Zhou Qing. Liu Pansong was rather helpless and simply proposed to replace Zhou Xiaoxiao with her.

Gao Ling helped persuade Dianthus to agree to Liu Pansong’s decision. He did not expect Dianthus to let them stay with him, saying that he did not want other people to come to the ward so as not to be upset. Liu Pansong was unable to come to Taiwan due to the remarks made by Dianthus. Zhou Qing saw this situation, so he pointed the finger at Jiang Zhenhai and made everyone laugh, thereby resolving the embarrassment.

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