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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 44 Recap

The reason why Dianthus left without saying goodbye was nothing more than to go to the prison to visit her son. She was always uneasy, so she thought about it and decided to find it according to the address. In the meeting room, Dianthus found Zhou Xiaoxiao’s haggard appearance, and was so distressed that he hid his face and cried. After the mood calmed down, Dianthus asked Zhou Xiaoxiao to make a good reform in prison, saying that a person has a very long life, and five years have passed in the blink of an eye, and he should regroup.

Despite Dianthus’s patient persuasion, Zhou Xiaoxiao was still depressed. He felt that his life was completely ruined in Zhou Xiaofeng’s hands, and he did not know how to make a living even if he was released from prison in the future. Seeing his son so pessimistic, Shi Zhu talked about Jiang He’s past, and at the same time believed that what Zhou Xiaoxiao lost was not survival, but self-esteem.

After finishing the conversation, Shi Zhu went to see the warden in person and learned about Zhou Xiaoxiao’s situation during his sentence. The warden believes that Zhou Xiaoxiao’s mood is too negative and totally unsuitable for the current reform, so it is best to have family members to accompany and comfort him. In order to encourage Zhou Xiaoxiao, Dianthus decided to live in a small town near the prison. However, the hotel was too expensive, so he simply found an abandoned engine room.

In the next few days, Dianthus looked for work everywhere, but was rejected each time because of his age. In addition, the town was too small and there were not many places to work. Dianthus saves money by picking up tatters and sends the money to Project Hope, in an attempt to atone for Zhou Xiaoxiao in this way. The post office clerk recognizes that Dianthus is the aunt who sells insoles at the intersection, and can’t help but respect her. As the dianthus stalls gradually expanded, the shopkeeper who had helped dianthus came to learn from the experience, the conversation between the two was noticed by a photography enthusiast, and he took photos and even participated in a photography competition to win a prize.

As news of the disappearance of Dianthus reached the provincial capital, Zhou Qing hurriedly notified all his children to post missing persons notices. Over time, the chance of finding them was slim. Just as everyone was at a loss, Men Chunmei saw photos of dianthus cleaning the streets in the photography exhibition, and immediately contacted the photographer.

According to the address described by the other party, Zhou Xiaoan hurriedly informed everyone of the good news. Several brothers and sisters set off immediately and finally found a place where the carnations were set up. Coincidentally, at this time, Dianthus had already closed the stalls, and no one knew where she lived. After many searches, Zhou Xiaoan and others finally found the place where their mother lived, which made them feel distressed.

Before Shizhu refused to go back to the city, Jiang He directly resisted her and left her behind. With a few children behind, he could finally reunite with her. On the way back to the provincial city, Shizhu said that he wanted to get closer to Zhou Xiaoxiao, but Zhou Xiaoliu complained that she had left several other children behind for a son.

After receiving the news, Zhou Qing waited for the carnation to be brought back at the Jiangliu Hotel, and angrily rebuked her for leaving without saying goodbye, and ran to a remote town alone, so that everyone was very worried. When Shizhu chatted with her children, she learned that Jiang Lingdie had changed her mind and went to the south. Since Zhou Xiaoxiao was sentenced to jail, she has also been glamorous all day long and often goes to various dance halls.

Zhou Xiaoliu was very dissatisfied with Jiang Lingdie, and missed his younger brother at the same time, but Shizhu hopes that his elder daughter will not hate Zhou Xiaofeng. After all, he is a policeman who shed blood for the country. No one deserves more respect than him. He also wants the children to understand Zhou Xiaofeng’s approach. . Although Zhou Xiaoliu was not quite acceptable for a while, she had already slowly changed her mind. It was just a matter of time.

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