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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 43 Recap

As the family meeting was halfway through, unexpectedly Zhou Xiaoxiao broke in drunkly, Jiang Lingdie couldn’t help it anymore, and directly knelt on the ground and cried to the dianthus to save Zhou Xiaoxiao. Because of Jiang Lingdie’s reaction, Dianthus was stunned in place, Zhou Xiaoan and others rushed to stop Zhou Xiaoxiao, and wanted to take him away.

Zhou Xiaoxiao refused to leave the life and death, scolded Zhou Xiaofeng for his righteousness and killed his relatives on the spot, driving him to a dead end regardless of brotherhood, and even wanted to take this opportunity to make meritorious deeds. Seeing that Zhou Xiaoxiao’s emotions became more and more excited, even without a word, Jiang He slapped him directly with anger. Zhou Xiaoxiao knelt in front of Dianthus, begging her to persuade her to persuade her fifth, Dianthus looked at Zhou Xiaofeng in shock. When she learned that her fourth son had become a corrupt criminal, she couldn’t stand the attack and fainted on the spot.

Dianthus was taken to the hospital, Liu Pansong was personally responsible for the rescue, and finally dragged her back from the ghost gate. Jiang He and his wife waited anxiously outside the rescue room and reprimanded Zhou Xiaofeng and Zhou Xiaoxiao. When Dianthus regained consciousness, he privately pleaded with Zhou Xiaofeng to let his brother go and not let Zhou Xiaoxiao go to jail, even if he stayed in Heshan for the rest of his life as an ordinary citizen.

Seeing that Dianthus passed through the dangerous period, Jiang Lingdie couldn’t bear to see Zhou Xiaoxiao being so sad. He didn’t expect Zhou Xiaoxiao to count all the mistakes on her head and blame her for telling Dianthus and not even giving birth to herself. That’s why she has come here today. step. Listening to Zhou Xiaoxiao calling himself a voice star, Jiang Lingdie couldn’t help feeling chilly as well as the entire Lao Jiang family, and the two of them were completely torn apart.

Lu Jun and other policemen stood outside the hospital. Considering that Zhou Xiaoxiao was Zhou Xiaofeng’s younger brother, and that Dianthus was in poor health, no action was taken. Dianthus dragged his sick body to call everyone to hold a family meeting, and in front of Zhou Xiaofeng, he beat Zhou Xiaoxiao with a feather duster, blaming himself for the failure of his education.

Zhou Xiaofeng knew that Dianthus was doing this to make him act favoritism, and everyone said that in order to save Zhou Xiaoxiao from prison, they were willing to pool money to remedy it. Zhou Xiaofeng didn’t make a statement, and he held back the tears all the time, until he couldn’t stand it anymore, knelt on the ground and knocked the dianthus several times before grabbing the door.

Everyone thought that Zhou Xiaofeng had promised to let Zhou Xiaoxiao go, but he didn’t expect him to go out and give Lu Jun an arrest order. The moment they saw the arrest warrant, Dianthus knew that there was no room for maneuver and could only let them take Zhou Xiaoxiao away. Zhou Xiaoliu was completely disappointed with Zhou Xiaofeng and claimed that he would never see him in the future.

Time flies, and in a blink of an eye, it was the day when Zhou Xiaoxiao’s sentence was issued. Zhou Xiaofeng was very sad when he learned that he had been sentenced to five years in prison. He brought wine and snacks to Zhao Yingtong’s tomb alone and told her of the pain. Zhou Xiaofeng had no face to face his family because of this incident, so he applied for transfer to the public security special police team. Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong rushed to see them off, saying that he had done nothing wrong, but instead honored the old Zhou family.

Since Zhou Xiaoxiao was unwilling to actively reform after entering the prison, the whole person was in a very bad state, almost abandoning herself. Zhou Xiaoliu and others were very worried. They took the initiative to visit the prison but were rejected. They simply went back to Heshan to find carnations. However, when the couple arrived at the old house, they discovered that the dianthus disappeared. Everyone searched the places where Dianthus usually went, but no trace of her was found. The only thing that is certain is that after paying homage to Zhao Yingtong, the dianthus left alone with luggage. , As for where to go is unknown.

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