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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 42 Recap

Ever since Shizhu received Zhou Xiaoxiao’s call, he was always murmured in his heart, and even his eyelids were constantly jumping, so he found Kong Linggao and Jiang Zhenhai, entrusted the family to them, and went to the provincial capital by himself. Zhou Xiaoliu and his wife took the carnations to the restaurant, served them deliciously, and discussed about finding time for a meeting.

At the same time, Zhou Xiaoxiao took the initiative to come to Zhou Xiaofeng and chatted with him about his childhood, begging him to raise his hands high under the sign of family affection. However, Zhou Xiaofeng is too upright. He never forgets the teachings of Dianthus. He must be benevolent and filial at home, and be fair and reasonable outside. No matter what career he does, he must be worthy of his conscience. Even if Zhou Xiaofeng said something reasonable, Zhou Xiaoxiao still refused to surrender because he could not accept that his brother would send himself to prison.

Seeing Zhou Xiaofeng’s unwillingness to accommodate, Jiang Lingdie cursed at him, and then persuaded Zhou Xiaoxiao to ask Dianthus to intercede. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao just didn’t want to worry her mother, so she didn’t agree. Jiang Lingdie had no other choice but to go to school to find Zhou Xiaoan, hoping that he could come forward and solve it.

Zhou Xiaoan was shocked when he learned that his brother had broken the law. He was also afraid that Dianthus would know about it, so he asked Jiang Lingdie to keep Dianthus a secret. Jiang Lingdie found that Zhou Xiaoan was nervous about the carnation, so she threatened him to persuade Zhou Xiaofeng with this incident. Considering that both sides are his relatives, Zhou Xiaoan agreed to Jiang Lingdie’s request and went to Zhou Xiaofeng to find out the situation in person, and wanted to know whether Zhou Xiaoxiao’s crime was serious.

Zhou Xiaofeng knew exactly what Zhou Xiaoan was coming from, and didn’t want to explain more. He asked Zhou Xiaoan to go back and persuade Zhou Xiaoxiao to surrender. He even said that the law of the country cannot be accommodated, and that there is room for maneuver. Because of this, Zhou Xiaoan didn’t know what to say and had to leave disappointed.

Zhou Xiaoliu informed everyone to go to the Jiangliu Hotel for a meeting. Zhou Xiaoxiao was so drunk at home that he was so drunk that he hung up immediately after receiving a call if he had any reaction. However, as soon as she hung up the phone, Zhou Xiaoxiao suddenly became sober, and then remembered what Jiang Lingdie had said, and she no longer had the mind to continue drinking, and went straight out, wanting to ask Dianthus for help.

In the Jiangliu Hotel, Jiang Lingdie was very enthusiastic about the carnation, trying to rely on her to keep Zhou Xiaoxiao. Dianthus realized that something was wrong with Jiang Lingdie, and couldn’t help but ask about Zhou Xiaoxiao’s situation. However, Jiang Lingdie didn’t dare to reveal a word, so he lied and prevaried.

When Zhou Xiaofeng came to the hotel, he happened to see Zhou Xiaoliu scolding employees. Zhou Xiaoliu was worried about Zhou Xiaoxiao’s accident, so he tried to persuade Dianthus to go back with Jianghe, but Dianthus insisted on staying in the hotel. Seeing Zhou Xiaoxiao’s late arrival, he simply had a meeting first. Dianthus expressed his worries and told a few children to behave well, and let everyone talk a few words by the way.

Zhou Xiaoan took the opportunity to speak about the difficulty of Dianthus in recent years, and warned everyone not to worry about Dianthus. Jiang Lingdie understood what Zhou Xiaoan meant, so he hurriedly agreed. Zhou Xiaoliu and Jiang He didn’t know what had happened, they were so sad that they vowed to stop making Dianthus sad. Only Zhou Xiaofeng heard the meaning in the words, but didn’t know how to face it.

Dianthus asked Xiaofeng to say a few words. Zhou Xiaofeng said all the principles Dianthus taught him to be a human being, saying that he would never forget benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and faith. Jiang Lingdie has been staring at Zhou Xiaofeng, seemingly angry.

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