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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 41 Recap

Chen Yanping found the underworld gangs and wanted them to teach Zhou Xiaofeng so that he would not be allowed to intervene in economic cases in the future. At first, the triad leader was unwilling to take risks. After all, the other party’s position in the police department was not low. It was not until Chen Yanping brought a stack of US dollars that he readily accepted the job.

Zhou Xiaofeng received a call from Zhou Xiaoliu, so while he was resting, he thought about rushing to send the carnations back to Heshan, only to be violently beaten by a few people in the alley. Even though Zhou Xiaofeng was a policeman, he had one enemy with many enemies, and he ended up at a disadvantage. Fortunately, this group of people did not attack. Seeing that the lesson was almost the same, they immediately stopped and warned Zhou Xiaofeng not to be nosy, or else next There is no guarantee that human life will be lost.

After a doctor’s examination, Zhou Xiaofeng suffered a fracture and needed recuperation. The Public Security Bureau sent several policemen to take notes. Zhou Xiaoxiao deliberately asked the police for clues. By the way, he reminded Zhou Xiaofeng that he should rest more, put down the case at hand, and don’t work hard. Zhou Xiaofeng knew that he had deliberately said this in front of Dianthus, so he did not listen to persuasion, but claimed that he would not be afraid of any intimidation.

Although Dianthus didn’t understand the meaning of the brothers’ words, she vaguely felt something was wrong. When Zhou Qingdu Hospital visited his son, he couldn’t help complaining that Zhou Xiaofeng was too serious in his work. As a result, Dianthus quarreled with him. Liu Pansong informed Dianthus about Zhou Qing’s physical condition, and Zhou Qing asked about the fighting in the ward, so he asked Zhou Xiaofeng not to delay practicing grappling and fighting, even if he was busy at work, otherwise the situation would not happen today.

Zhou Xiaoxiao went to Chen Yanping and asked about Zhou Xiaofeng’s being beaten. Chen Yanping did not admit or deny, but thought that Zhou Xiaofeng was staring at him. Zhou Xiaoxiao denounced Chen Yanping and threatened him not to move Zhou Xiaofeng. Jiang Lingdie returned the mink to Chen Yanping, and wanted Zhou Xiaoxiao to beg Zhou Xiaofeng. After all, they were all brothers, so they couldn’t be cruel. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao asked Jiang Lingdie to leave first, and when he passed this level, the two began to live their lives again.

As Zhou Xiaofeng was discharged from the hospital, Dianthus finally let go of his heart and returned to Heshan alone. Before leaving, he talked about Liu Pansong’s wish to change work for Zhou Xiaofeng. Because Dianthus supported Zhou Xiaofeng’s work more, he did not agree, but told him to contact his brothers and sisters as much as possible, so as to avoid the relationship.

The manager Ma of the textile factory came to Zhou Xiaoxiao and wanted him to help sell the textiles of the factory. At first, Zhou Xiaoxiao was embarrassed. It was not until Manager Ma gave him a letter of money to bribe, and then he would think of a solution. Just as Zhou Xiaoxiao was talking with Manager Ma, Director Song called Zhou Xiaoxiao to talk and said that many people in the office had opinions on his work style and planned to suspend him first.

Zhou Xiaofeng returned to the police station and continued to investigate Chen Yanping’s case. Through many visits, he finally grasped the evidence of Chen Yanping’s crime. He found evidence of transferring assets and destroying evidence, so he immediately reported to the leader and wanted to arrest Chen Yanping. Even though Chen Yanping took the initiative to confess the crime, he was still unwilling, and decided to report Zhou Xiaoxiao, guilty and meritorious service.

Zhou Xiaoxiao received the call and learned that Chen Yanping had been arrested in the police station again, and she was panicked. At this time, Zhou Xiaoliu arranged a family banquet again. Zhou Xiaoxiao took an active part and started to drink as soon as he showed his love for the family. Zhou Xiaoxiao was full of thoughts, drunk so drunk, and sat down in the corridor and called Dianthus crying.

Although Jiang He explained that Zhou Xiaoxiao was drunk and mad, Dianthus was still very worried, guessing that Zhou Xiaoxiao encountered difficulties and even Jiang He could see that something was wrong. Zhou Xiaoliu analyzed the conflict between Zhou Xiaoxiao and his wife, so she couldn’t help but blame Jiang Lingdie for being addicted to being an actor, ignoring the life and death of her husband.

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