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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 39 Recap

That night, Zhao Yingtong could not sleep, so he chatted with Dianthus and lay silently on the bed weeping. Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong came home suddenly. Dianthus originally complained about him, but when they learned that Zhao Yingtong had blood cancer and was at an advanced stage, she was so scared that she almost fainted. Facing this cruel bad news, a few people stayed up all night, calculating the days when Zhou Xiaofeng would return home.

When Zhou Xiaofeng and others received the news, they hurried back to Heshan by car overnight, and Zhou Xiaoliu was crying bitterly on the road. Dianthus decides to have a new wedding, no matter how much time is left in the rest of his life, he must cherish the present and cherish the people in front of him. In the Zhou’s small courtyard, Shi Zhu invited all his relatives and friends to witness the two young people finally getting married.

After the wedding, Zhao Yingtong and Zhou Xiaofeng stood by the river, yearning for the future, imagining the life of both children. However, it didn’t take long for Zhao Yingtong to pass away due to illness, leaving Zhou Xiaofeng alone to keep the vows between them. The whole family buried Zhao Yingtong beside the tombs of Lin Yueru and Zhou Xiaoyang. Dianthus fainted in grief on the spot.

Zhou Xiaoan and Jiang He were worried that Dianthus could not think about it, so they rushed to let her and Zhou Xiaofeng live in their homes. Only Zhou Xiaoxiao urged Zhou Xiaofeng to report to the Provincial Public Security Department to avoid being taken over. Two years later, Zhou Xiaofeng was transferred back to work in the province. Because of his outstanding performance, he was recognized by the leaders. The captain and political commissar handed Zhou Xiaofeng a difficult economic crime case and asked him to investigate Chen Yanping, the pioneer of reform in the province.

After detailed understanding, Zhou Xiaofeng discovered that Chen Yanping was a business prodigy. He contracted a small department store station that suffered losses for several years in the early stage. It only took a year to turn losses into profits. Later, he rose up step by step and directly took charge of provincial department stores, even in the province. In the business world, there are still people with a head and a face.

While Zhou Xiaofeng was seriously studying Chen Yanping’s life history, Kong Linggao suddenly called to remind him to go home and take a look at Dianthus. Zhou Xiaofeng realized that he hadn’t taken a vacation for more than a month, so he took the time to take the bus back to Heshan. Kong Linggao went to the station to greet him, and by the way told Jiang Zhenhai to go over to eat.

Zhou Xiaoliu arranged a family banquet at Jiangliu Hotel and called Zhou Xiaoan and his wife Zhou Xiaoxiao. The two brothers each reported on the current situation. Zhou Xiaoan read only the sages’ books. In addition to two academic monographs, he wrote and published his family’s stories, including his wife, Men Chunmei, who was also named an associate professor.

As for Zhou Xiaoxiao, who has always been ambitious, now she is flat and promoted to be assistant to the director. However, Jiang Lingdie is still keen on acting and shows her face all day long. On the contrary, Zhou Xiaoxiao feels embarrassed and ridicules her. Seeing that Zhou Xiaoxiao and Jiang Lingdie were about to quarrel, Zhou Xiaoliu reprimanded them as the eldest sister.

Jiang Lingdie blamed Zhou Xiaoxiao for only talking sweetly when he was in love, and then interfered in acting after he got married. Zhou Xiaoxiao didn’t want to argue with Jiang Lingdie anymore. He heard that an important guest had arrived upstairs, so she got up and went to the dinner. She put on a pair of glasses to look like a dog, and asked Jiang He to replace Wuliangye with Moutai.

Seeing Zhou Xiaoxiao’s departure, Jiang Lingdie drank boring wine alone, despite Men Chunmei’s obstruction. Jiang He is interested in contracting projects, so he wants Zhou Xiaoan to help analyze it. Although Zhou Xiaoan was not involved in the business, he had a thorough understanding of the current situation, believed that Jiang He’s idea was feasible, and fully supported him.

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