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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 40 Recap

The so-called important guests are nothing more than the dinner arranged by Chen Yanping. Zhou Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to remind him not to take risks. After all, the provincial government has recently received more and more reports. Chen Yanping patted his chest to make sure that he would not know the law and break the law, and then handed over to Zhou Xiaoxiao an imported mink coat to make a good relationship with him.

Jiang He blamed Zhou Xiaoxiao for leaving the family banquet and rushing to entertain others. Those people were only interested in making friends for Zhou Xiaoxiao’s official position. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao didn’t listen to Jiang He’s advice at all. Instead, Men Chunmei took the initiative to speak for Zhou Xiaoxiao, saying that if he didn’t go to the dinner, he might be regarded as an official post.

At the end of the banquet, Zhou Xiaoan reminded the fourth child that he should support Jiang Lingdie’s career, but Zhou Xiaoxiao still does his own way. At the same time, Zhou Xiaofeng checked all the information of Chen Yanping at home and found that his identity background was complicated. At the beginning, because of the relationship between men and women, his original partner was sent to the Provincial Department of Commerce, which caused him to be criticized and removed from his post. Chen Yanping still found his own way out and set up Yanping Industry and Trade Company in business.

In order to resolve this illegal fund-raising case as soon as possible, after Zhou Xiaofeng went to worship Zhao Yingtong, he immediately rushed back to the Provincial Public Security Department to continue his work. Chen Yanping was summoned to the Public Security Bureau by Lu Jun. At first, he was arrogant. He didn’t pay attention to the police at all, and he was even unwilling to cooperate. It was not until Zhou Xiaofeng produced the tax payment certificate of Yanping Industry and Trade that he was completely panicked.

Just when Chen Yanping didn’t know how to respond, he happened to hear Lu Jun called Zhou Xiaofeng’s name, and unexpectedly learned that he was Zhou Xiaofeng’s younger brother, so he shouted on the spot and asked him to go to the commercial hall to find Zhou Xiaoxiao to find out the situation. Because of Chen Yanping’s words, Zhou Xiaofeng had an ominous premonition in his heart, and instantly realized that this case was related to Zhou Xiaoxiao. He decided to apply for recusal with the leader and asked Lu Jun to continue to supervise the case. The facts must be found out.

Zhou Xiaoxiao received the news that Chen Yanping had been arrested during the meeting, so after the meeting, he personally took Jiang Lingdie to the dormitory to find Zhou Xiaofeng, and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to let Chen Yanping go, as nothing happened. Although the brothers had a deep relationship, Zhou Xiaofeng was unwilling to violate his conscience, so he resolutely refused Zhou Xiaoxiao’s request, and the two broke up unhappy. That night, Zhou Xiaoxiao woke up from a nightmare, and he and Jiang Lingdie sat in the living room in a daze.

Dianthus missed the children. First, he drove to the provincial capital to visit Zhou Xiaofeng. Originally, the mother and son were going to Zhou Xiaoliu’s house, but they unexpectedly met an old provincial department store employee who came to complain. Seeing that the matter was more urgent, Dianthus asked Zhou Xiaofeng to stay to deal with it and go to her daughter alone.

Zhou Xiaofeng got Chen Yanping’s latest evidence and just wanted to submit it to his superiors. Unexpectedly, Chen Yanping opened up the relationship with the province at this time and obtained the right of early release. Zhou Xiaoxiao warned Chen Yanping to clean up the bad debts in his hands, but Chen Yanping didn’t take it seriously. He threatened someone in the province, but instead asked Zhou Xiaoxiao to try his best to settle down with his brother, so that he could sit back and relax.

In response to Chen Yanping’s threat, Zhou Xiaoxiao was angry and had nowhere to spread, drinking boring alcohol at home alone. Jiang Lingdie dressed up and planned to go out to socialize with the director. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao did not continue to ridicule, but asked her to return the mink coat given to the director. Jiang Lingdie refused to do what he said, and the couple had a dispute and even turned up old accounts.

Angrily, Zhou Xiaoxiao directly took out the contraceptive pills Jiang Lingdie had stolen, and angrily accused her of refusing to have children as an actor. Jiang Lingdie did not hesitate to say anything, claiming that Zhou Xiaoxiao could not support herself, and there were people outside who wanted to support herself, so angry that Zhou Xiaoxiao smashed the token of love between each other on the spot, and completely fell out.

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