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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 38 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng took the group from this endeavor, also Dianthus called only 1 step overdue, therefore no one answered the telephone. Following Zhao Yingtong came back, Shi Zhu promptly told Zhao Yingtong that Zhou Xiaofeng couldn’t get through to the telephone, and she wished to tie Zhou Xiaofeng straight back in the south. Zhao Yingtong requested Dianthus to postpone her issues with Zhou Xiaofeng, but Dianthus didn’t consent, and others didn’t agree. Each of them felt desperate for Zhao Yingtong.

Zhao Yingtong did not take the prior items to heart in any way. Zhou Xiaoliu hugged Zhao Yingtong, suggesting that she admits Zhao Yingtong’s sister, and whomever would like to deal with Zhao Yingtong badly later on, she’ll turn her encounter together.

Liu Pansong was very concerned about Zhao Yingtong and wished to stop by Heshan. Liu Pansong had no option except to inform Zhou Qing the reality. When Zhou Qing heard of Zhao Yingtong’s condition, she could not sit still, and wished to depart for Heshan instantly, and take Zhao Yingtong into the hospital for therapy.
Zhou Xiaoliu whined and requested Zhao Yingtong when he was angry with her earlier he refused to take her present. Zhao Yingtong did not know why she was mad with Zhou Xiaoliu.

Zhou Xiaoliu told her about what most of the guys around Zhao Yingtong were about Zhao Yingtong since youth. Zhou Xiaoliu always believed that Zhao Yingtong had taken everything out of her because she was a young child, and she wasn’t any greater than Zhao Yingtong, therefore she did not cope with Zhao Yingtong and did not provide Zhao Yingtong a fantastic appearance. She did not believe she’d done anything before Zhao Yingtong abandoned this time. Quite bad.

When everybody was worried for Zhao Yingtong, Zhao Yingtong fell sick again and again fainted. This made Dianthus more eagerly to telephone Zhou Xiaofeng ago, but a person answered the telephone, but Zhou Xiaofeng wasn’t in the device.

Dianthus believed that Zhou Xiaofeng was overly active, and she was planning to induce Zhou Xiaofeng to move back. Zhao Yingtong could just convince Dianthus to create Zhou Xiaofeng concentrate on his career and didn’t wish to snare Zhou Xiaofeng at a cage.

Gao Sha could be incorrect, believing that she would please her connection with Dianthus, so she could be valued by Zhou Xiaofeng, but Dianthus reported that she’d take Zhou Xiaofeng house to around the area, which left her really surprised. After Gao Sha knew the significance of Dianthus, he promptly said that Zhou Xiaofeng wasn’t simple. Each of them understood that Zhou Xiaofeng must return to the round area, but there was a lot of work in their hallway, and Zhou Xiaofeng could not go away.

When Dianthus discovered what Gao Sha stated, she instantly wanted to visit Zhou Xiaofeng’s direction to determine how to move Zhou Xiaofeng backagain. This created Gao Sha dare not to say any more, so that she could just change the topic and choose Dianthus to supper.

Recognizing that Zhao Yingtong had remained, Zhou Xiaoliu purchased a great deal of things and proceeded to Heshan to watch Zhao Yingtong. All Zhou Xiaoliu purchased were expensive products, Zhao Yingtong was very embarrassed to take this, and kept asking Zhou Xiaoliu to reunite it, which made Zhou Xiaoliu really miserable.

Gao Sha did not desire Zhou Xiaofeng to become ashamed, so she moved to her dad to chat about Zhou Xiaofeng’s issues and begged him to move Zhou Xiaofeng straight back into the north. When Gao’s dad heard that Gao Sha was planning to interfere with the removal and appointment of cadres, he became upset. Gao Sha thankfully returned into Dianthus to ensure Dianthus could go back into Heshan with reassurance.

Zhao Yingtong’s illness is becoming worse and worse, and she’s been afflicted by a high fever. Director Zhang and Master Kong are extremely stressed, and unintentionally overlooked their mouths and informed concerning the simple fact that Dianthus moved to Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhao Yingtong knows that Dianthus enjoys her heart, and she can not tolerate Dianthus, but she can not let her take control of her ailment.

After Zhou Xiaoliu discovered that Zhao Yingtong had entered the hospital, he went to watch Zhao Yingtong instantly, but Zhao Yingtong still whined that he had fainted with low blood glucose and Liu Pansong left a fuss and got him out of the provincial funding, therefore Zhou Xiaoliu wasn’t worried.

The Following Day, Shizhu continued to telephone Zhou Xiaofeng. She did not locate Zhou Xiaofeng, but understood that Zhou Xiaofeng’s dormitory needed a contact number, so that she phoned again. Gao Sha occurred to visit Zhou Xiaofeng’s dormitory to acquire a copy of Qin Qin’s stuff, and when she heard the telephone in Dianthus, she could not help but pick this up. When Dianthus discovered it was a female’s voice, he believed he’d dialed the incorrect number, so that he promptly hung up and dialed again.

When Dianthus predicted again, Gao Sha replied and inquired if it had been Zhou Xiaofeng. Dianthus did not know there was a girl in Zhou Xiaofeng’s dormitory who believed that Zhou Xiaofeng had done something which was pitiful for Zhao Yingtong, so he chose to visit Yunnan in man to get Zhou Xiaofeng ago, but he did not desire Zhao Yingtong to know, so that he requested Master Kong along with others to lie on her moving. The provincial funding.



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