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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 34 Recap

When Zhao Yingtong heard Dianthus laugh thankfully, she felt much more miserable and anguished. She did not dare to treat Dianthus’s joy, so that she could just briefly perfuse Zhou Xiaofeng and take his or her arrangement. Zhang Lanfen and Kong Linggao assisted Dianthus prepare items for your wedding together.

Zhao Yingtong took good advantage of this motive to visit the town to get medications by automobile, so that he approached Liu Pansong to talk countermeasures. He desired Liu Pansong to assist him to eliminate the marriage, largely because he did not need Zhou Xiaofeng to understand he was severely sick. Liu Pansong expects that Zhao Yingtong can get therapy and try his best to adhere to the structures of their carnation. In the end, even though it needs to escape, it won’t aid, but it is going to bring more damage to the household.
Once the others left after another, just Zhou Qing and Dianthus stayed in the home. He regretted the errors he’d made before. If it weren’t spontaneous, he could bring his grandson in the home. Zhou Qing consented that Jiang Xiaolu remained in Heshan to get a couple more days, but Dianthus would inquire Zhou Qing to shoot Jiang Xiaolu away.

Zhou Qing quarreled with Dianthus about if Jiang Xiaolu was coming back into the provincial funding, but Jiang Xiaolu requested Zhou Qing to return initially, and he remained behind to find magic tricks from Dianthus. Initially, Zhou Qing did not feel that dianthus can do magic in any way, however when he watched Jiang Xiaolu carrying a group photograph of dianthus glued and restored, he instantly booed, not just somewhat emotional.

In reality, he did not need to hurt each other, so that he found an excuse to deny to get married. Zhou Xiaofeng believed his behaviour hurt Zhao Yingtong, therefore that he chose to confer with her, and in precisely the exact same time recognized that another party was concealing something in his center. Though Zhao Yingtong was resolute, Zhou Xiaofeng didn’t compromise, since he waited for this day for ten decades, therefore he was decided to hold the marriage.

Zhao Yingtong hidden his illness facing everybody, and wouldn’t say anything except lie concerning inflammation. Although Dianthus had any suspicions, she didn’t last to question. After a couple of days, she watched Zhou Xiaofeng coming from the southwest. After he recognized it afterwards, he realized he owed Zhao Yingtong a whole lot, so he chose to take time off to get married.

But on the afternoon of the marriage, Zhou Xiaoliu discovered that Zhao Yingtong was reluctant to change clothing, believing she had been premarital phobia, so she moved to inform Dianthus. As everybody understands, Zhao Yingtong has been looking forward to now for quite a very long time, but she understands that she’s running out of time, therefore she does not wish to drag Zhou Xiaofeng down. Liu Pansong knew Zhao Yingtong’s ideas, and watched her at a painful issue.
It just so happened that Jiang Zhenhai came to talk, also Shizhu and Kong Linggao intentionally set off, making Jiang Zhenhai a sufferer and keep the expense of the marriage. He was rather happy to see his daughter getting married, and in precisely the exact same time he had been

prepared to provide his soul.
The entire family was really pleased to hear that, and Shizhu personally planned the marriage, organized the place, and invited guests. She had been responsible for all of the arrangements and created it as dynamic as possible. Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Xiaoan thought that Zhou Xiaoliu didn’t treat each other equally, so that they demanded their marriage be kept solemnly.

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