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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 33 Recap

When Liu Pansong was drinking, he discovered that Zhao Yingtong’s expression was poor, so he believed that there should be a issue with another party’s body and intended to take her to the hospital.

Kong Linggao worried it would be a Hongmen feast, so that he brought Zhang Lanfen to the door, and asked about his intention. Following three rounds of wine, Kong Linggao removed a lot of ills in his heart, and spoke more.

Following the dinner, Zhou Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to inquire Zhou Qing for aid, and wanted him to walk through the rear door for the major relatives, but Zhou Qing refused on the place.

After Zhao Yingtong learned of her illness, she asked Liu Pansong to keep it secret for her. He just wanted to leave with dignity, and did not want to see his household sorrow for him. Zhao Yingtong went home and did not see Dianthus, so that he contacted Zhou Qing to help him locate it. It wasn’t until midnight that Dianthus took the kid back to Heshan.

Seeing Dianthus’s anxious appearance, Yaoyao understood she was still holding Zhou Qing, and Dianthus was terrified that her ideas would be understood, so she asked Yaoyao to keep it secret. Shi Zhu took Jiang Xiaolu to worship Zhou Xiaoyang’s cemetery. Discussing the children, she pledged to Zhou Xiaoyang that she would be kind to Zhao Yingtong and allow Lin Yueru feel at ease.

Originally, Zhao Yingtong did not care about it, but couldn’t bear Liu Pansong’s persuasion, so he consented to go to the hospital for evaluation in person. Seeing the words onto it that she was diagnosed with leukemia, she couldn’t believe it, and desired the hospital made a mistake.

Although Zhou Qing was humiliated by the carnation at the dinner table, luckily, Jiang Xiaolu’s grandson assisted him, so he was very proud to come home. Shi Zhu and Zhao Yingtong spoke about Zhou Xiaofeng’s events, and planned to finish the wedding when Zhou Xiaofeng came back, which means that they could settle down in the south west together. Zhao Yingtong hoped that the dianthus would likewise visit the south, but the dianthus could not let Heshan go, so he could only promise to run into the south and north.

At the time, Zhao Yingtong came to the hospital to receive the report. As a result, Liu Pansong looked ironic and appeared to dodge intentionally. This made her feel clear, then said that as a health care team, she was open-minded than ordinary patients in several things. Though Liu Pansong couldn’t bear it, she understood that this matter could not be concealed some more, so that she just handed over the report.

Dianthus promised to remain in the provincial funds for 2 more days, largely because Zhou Xiaoliu’s household was in good condition, and then Jiang Xiaolu was nearer to Zhou Qing, which made her a little depressed. After all, her grandson was the person who brought up her. The morning after, Shizhu informed Jiang Xiaolu about Heshan and persuaded him to return to dwell with him.

Whilst Dianthus was coaxing Jiang Xiaolu and riding him as a horse, Zhou Qing unexpectedly came from outside the door. Seeing that Jiang Xiaolu was purchased by Zhou Qing with a tank mill, the failed Dianthus was somewhat unhappy. He could not help contending with Zhou Qing. As a result, the more noisy he got, the more fierce he had been, he immediately threw the tank to the floor. Jiang Xiaolu was so angry that Dianthus was a classic witch. Zhou Qing asked Jiang Xiaolu not to be so uneducated. But he didn’t receive Dianthus, believing Zhou Qing pretended for a fantastic person.

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