Mokomi-She’s a little weird モコミ~彼女ちょっとヘンだけど~ Episode 09 Recap


Moeko Shimizu (Fuka Koshiba), who couldn’t talk to things, pretended to be calm, but her inner feelings only became more anxious.

She manages to calm her down with the support of Yuya Kishida (Seishiro Kato), but her family is worried about Moeko, who can no longer do “ordinary things” for herself. Her older brother, Shunsuke (Asuka Kudoh), blamed herself but couldn’t be honest, and suggested to her sister that she would take a break from her work for the time being.

Moeko also accepts it. Moeko is asked by her grandfather, Kan Suda (Isao Hashizume), what she wants to use her power if she can talk to things again. She has never thought about how to use her power given to her until now, but Moeko Mi …


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