Mokomi-She’s a little weird モコミ~彼女ちょっとヘンだけど~ Episode 08 Recap


Moeko Shimizu (Fuka Koshiba) is the scissors of her brother Shunsuke (Asuka Kudoh), and since she made a flower arrangement like her brother, she has flowers, things, and even stuffed animals. I can’t even talk to Tommy. She is dying to talk to Yuya Kishida (Seishiro Kato), she understands Moeko’s painful feelings, and because she can’t talk to her things, she encourages her to talk a lot with her. .. Meanwhile, a new problem arises for her parents, Nobuhiro (Seiichi Tanabe) and Chikako (Yasuko Tomita). Nobuhiro suddenly said, “I want to start living in the country.” She said she had a chance to confide that Chikako made her lunch for her lunch, but Chikako said, “Don’t get in her way.” Nobuhiro is encouraged and ironically spoken by Chikako’s father, Kan Suda (Isao Hashizume), who was watching the couple’s interaction.


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