Mokomi-She’s a little weird モコミ~彼女ちょっとヘンだけど~ Episode 05 Recap


Moeko Shimizu (Fuka Koshiba) reunites with a young man (Seishiro Kato) who began to exchange her words by picking up earphones. She tells her that she was “conversing” with the flowers in the park, but she continues her story as a matter of course, and her Moeko beauty feels at ease. She also knows that she names her bike her beloved by a young man, she says Moeko Mi also she’s her dear one, and she’s named Tommy.

Confess. She was asked to see Tommy someday, and Moeko was so happy that she grinned while she was working. A happy event happens at her workplace as well. Ryone Yoda (Erena Mizusawa), a part-time job, proposes a renewal plan for her flower shop. She understood that she too could understand the feelings of her flowers, and she said she should leave the interior of the store and the flowers to buy. .. Moeko Mi’s older brother and store manager Shunsuke (Asuka Kudoh) accepts this story …


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