Mokomi: She’s a little weird モコミ~彼女ちょっとヘンだけど~ Episode 03 Recap


Moeko Shimizu (Fuka Koshiba) fulfills her wishes and begins working at a flower shop run by her brother Shunsuke (Asuka Kudoh). However, she has a lot of work that she cannot become, and she just fails.

When she was asked to stay at her store by herself, she saw a young man (Seishiro Kato) who picked up the earphones and chased after her, and she was able to handle the customers who came to pick up the reserved flowers. Instead, she bothers me. Shunsuke is complained by Ryone Yoda (Erena Mizusawa), a part-time worker, that she wants her hourly wage to increase if she increases her employees. Still, I wanted to cherish her thoughts as her brother just because her Moeko beauty said she wanted to do it for the first time.

On the other hand, her mother, Chikako (Yasuko Tomita), did not think that Moeko Mi, who is not good at communicating with people, would be in charge of her customer business, and she wanted to return to a part-time job at the factory.


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