Mokomi: She’s a little weird モコミ~彼女ちょっとヘンだけど~ Episode 02 Recap


Moeko Shimizu (Fuka Koshiba) consults with her grandfather, Kan Suda (Isao Hashizume), who started living with her. Her mother, Chikako (Yasuko Tomita), is her own father, but she gets mixed feelings when she sees her reliance on her clumsy view.

Chikako was also caught by the words Moeko Mi said, “The window is crying.” Chikako has been worried every time she behaves differently from other children since her Moeko beauty was young.

It was the window of the factory where she worked that Moeko confided in her view. Moeko’s feelings of not wanting to see the windows cry are easily accepted, and her grandson reassures her, “Leave it to me.”


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