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Maya Sanaeha (2021) มายาเสน่หา



Maya Sanaeha (2021)
Other Title: มายาเสน่หา, Illusion of Love

Genres: Romance, Supernatural
Episodes: 12
Country: Thailand
Director: –
Writer: –
Network: Channel 3
Release Date: Mar 24, 2021
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  • Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn as Monsicha
  • Ken Phupoom Phongpanu as Chakree
  • Wawwa Nichari Chokprajakchat as Sawarot
  • Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh as Jintana [Chakree’s mother]
  • Ann Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit as Maythinee [Monsicha’s mother]
  • Pharunyoo Rojanaw


Daily, Shakhri simply talks to the spirits at the sanatorium in which the outline heals. That helped him Being connected with these souls taught the lesson also gave Shaqree a priceless view of this notion of existence. And he turned into a soul similar to this Make him understand the real character of several people he didn’t anticipate. They also know Monsicha better. Saw his spouse in an angle he hadn’t understood before Shaqri was miserable he had chased his spouse. At precisely the exact same time, Sos is receptive to state himself as another spouse of Shaqri. And declared she was blessed with Shaqri!!!!!

She also brought her granddaughter called Sawarot ( Nicha Chokprajakjad ) to reside as a gorgeous woman. Became a battle of two households Monsicha and Shaqree attempt to strengthen this connection.

Whilst Shakri was driving into the area in frustration. He didn’t observe that a bike was driving contrary to the side. And brought the gun and fired it…. All ideal!!

Chakree with green tea, a couple who’ve been married for seven years to have married at a young age. Due to love which noticeable But they had no children together. Habits are distinct. Monsicha is rather a delicate individual, well-organized, careful to all things. While Shaqri never thought about these tiny things and doesn’t keep trivial things to listen Different lifestyles.

Their union was surrounded by challenges and problems all around. Both moms who exhaled were blessed. Where are the women using the line of thoughts? This is prepared to plug all of the time, there’ll nonetheless be a meals (Chanathip Pho Thongkham), a pal of Monsicha Who attempt to do anything is required to be more than a friend And issues in Chakri’s own firm that undermine mental wellbeing Become stressed That which comes from at precisely the exact same time Worried about the issue, Shaqree comes with a close buddy to drink to ease stress. But since the alcohol had destroyed his entire life When he woke up naked in bed with his spouse And was shocked to understand Monsicha had witnessed himself in this nation. Monsicha requested for an appointment to get a divorce immediately!!

Where he is merely the soul position by the bed He couldn’t talk to speak with anybody. Nobody could watch him this instant, Shaqri wasn’t dead. However, his soul still could not find a way to go back to his physique. To Be Able to create Shakhree return

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