Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 8 Recap


The curtain was finally closed. Lu Jing also denied his thoughts, thinking that he might have been thinking too much.

Ma Shanshan’s show was over. Suddenly I fell in love with Ma Shanshan’s taro and bought a cake for her to celebrate. But I didn’t expect Ma Shanshan had already rushed back to Guangzhou to record the show, and the cake was taken away by the director.

Every time Liang Chen and Lu Jing talked and chatted to the phone, they would secretly laugh, and a single word would make her happy for a long time. When Lu Jing hurried to the hotel, Liang Chen and Ke Ke also passed by, but they were separated by a person carrying a poster and passed by again.

Lu Jing and Liu Er saw an idol-playing box essence on the street. Lu Jing wanted to get a small box, but they asked to finish ten roasted durians. Liu Er accompanied Lu Jing on the task. In the end, He didn’t complete his goal even after eating it, so he had no choice but to leave, but Lu Jing just wanted the doll and sold cute to the store’s beauty. He got one for free. The happy Lu Jing took a photo and sent it to Liang Chen. Liang Chen also gave this. Photos of the dolls are placed on the table.

Liang Chen went to the wrong dressing room and met Ma Shanshan who came back to record the show and put on makeup. Masha Na can still be the goddess of drama. In the eyes of outsiders, he is fat and always dresses up as a clown to please everyone. , Liang Chen took the initiative to ask Ma Shanshan to eat, and Ma Shanshan declined. The assistant wanted to ask Ma Shanshan to ask for Liang Chen’s signature, but Liang Chen refused on the grounds of being unfamiliar.

On the show, the host proposed to give the audience a reward. Whoever hits the beam, the princess will hug Ma Shanshan and squat down ten times. A male audience member was selected, but he was afraid of his body. I couldn’t refuse. Ma Shanshan on the stage was a little embarrassed. Unexpectedly, the taro who followed would offer to squat up with Ma Shanshan on stage. He was so tired that his back pained and insisted on finishing it. He claimed to be very good and not heavy. . Liang Chen in the background saw Taro, and was surprised when he remembered that he had gone to shoot and suddenly appeared here. Liang Chen took the initiative to call Taro, but Taro accidentally dropped his mobile phone, and his back was so painful that he couldn’t pick it up. Liang Chen mistakenly thought it was no. Dare to answer her call.

Taro, who was leaving with his injured waist, met Ma Shanshan’s car. Assistant Ma Shanshan reminded that there was a seam in the back of the Taro pants. Taro was so scared that he hurriedly clutched his butt. He thought Ma Shanshan would take him away, but he didn’t expect it. Not so. Liang Chen called and blamed Taro for not answering the phone. Taro lied that there was no signal when filming outside, but he didn’t expect Liang Chen’s car to show up as soon as the voice fell. Taro quickly begged for mercy and wanted to take the car, but Liang Chen ordered to drive. , Taro is complaining endlessly.

Liu Er wondered why the box needed a voice changer, and once suspected that this person was a man. At this time, Lu Jing was certain that the other party was a girl, but why the voice change also caused suspicion. After checking Liang Chen’s itinerary, he found that he was also in Guangzhou. The location of Box Jing is also in Guangzhou, Liang Chen was also in Shanghai when Box Jing was in Shanghai last time. These questions made Lu Jing couldn’t help asking who the box essence was? Liang Chen, who was worried that he would be seen through, hurriedly changed the topic and praised anchor 666 for being very handsome over the wall. Lu Jing refused to admit defeat and offered to play games with Liang Chen to make her play more handsome. Both of them went straight to the Internet cafe. go with.

Liang Chen went online for the first time and found that there was no host and he could not find the boot position. Then Lu Jing found a girl squatting on the ground looking for the host, so he helped to turn it on. Liang Chen and Lu Jing happily played the game. Feihu began to sing Liang Chen’s song. Lu Jing praised her for singing well, but because she was wearing headphones, Lu Jing heard the effect of changing the voice and did not hear the girl behind him singing.

At this time, the takeaway came to deliver the meal and shouted out who’s the meal, but Lu Jing and Liang Chen heard the sound from each other’s earphones. The sound was also in reality when the earphones were removed. Liang Chen realized that the two of them were the same. At the same Internet cafe, he quickly put on a mask and went under the table. Lu Jing stood up excitedly and looked around, turning around to see Liang Chen squatting on the ground.


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