Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 7 Recap


Jiayun felt something was wrong. On the way back, he asked the assistant if there was something wrong with Liang Chen today. When looking for the phone today, Liang Chen asked about Jiayun’s birthday. It turned out that it was not on the same day as her. Mobile Jiayun already understands.

Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 6 Recap

Liang Chen quickly resolved his work and rushed home. When he got home, he turned on the computer and waited for Lu Jing to go online. But Lu Jing went to eat crayfish with his roommate. He took the initiative when he saw Liang Chen’s message. It was not as fast as the classmates to give up and peel the shell, and I was so excited to let everyone eat and treat him at will, and then rushed back.

Lu Jing happily gave the white skirt to Liang Chen, saying that the possible goal was too clear. Lu Jing deliberately charged one yuan and sold it to Liang Chen. Liang Chen happily sent ten red envelopes, one dime. One, the demolished Lu Jing couldn’t help being ridiculous.

This time Liang Chen and Lu Jing were once again engaged in the game of the first cooperation. When they jumped off the building, they were very smart holding an umbrella. Lu Jing hugged Liang Chen and flew down. Lu Jing also proudly declared that the world belongs to them, but Unexpectedly, he was hit by a rocket launcher and ended the game with a complete failure. Liang Chen satirized Lu Jing bragging, but Lu Jing thought that he was taking a rookie too much, or maybe eating too much crayfish, Liang Chen asked curiously Where did Lu Jing eat the crayfish? Lu Jing took the opportunity to offer a treat to eat the crayfish. Liang Chen didn’t dare to reveal his identity, so he could only go offline next time.

Although Liang Chen didn’t promise Lu Jing to go to dinner together, he was a little disappointed in his heart. He took out a book and filled in the address and prepared to mail it. At this time, he received a call from Jiayun, and Liang Chen connected unnaturally. . The assistant was also a bit pity for Jiayun. He felt that Liang Chen couldn’t understand Jiayun’s heart, but Jiayun thought that Liang Chen deliberately pretended not to understand. Everyone in the world could understand it. It is impossible for her to understand it alone.

The director invited the taro to have a barbecue. He watched the pig’s feet roasting on the fire and learned that Ma Shanshan’s foot was injured. The taro simply took the pig’s feet and gave it to Ma Shanshan. Even people were driven out with pig hoofs.

Jiayun didn’t want Liang Chen to always avoid herself, so he deliberately asked Liang Chen to help choose the gift. Liang Chen immediately asked who he was going to choose. Liang Chen pretended to give it to his mother and said casually. It happened to be the same day as Liang Chen on his mother’s birthday. Liang Chen suddenly relaxed his vigilance and happily chose.

Liang Chen’s birthday party is coming soon. It will be held in Guangzhou. Liu Er also got the invitation of the birthday party. Two tickets to go with Lu Jing. They booked the plane tickets and they were on the same plane as Liang Chen. But because of the economy The cabin was full, so Liu Er also got a free upgrade opportunity. Liu Er actually saw Liang Chen in the first-class cabin with excitement. When Lu Jing found that his earphones were missing, he ran to the first-class cabin to find Liu Eryao, but accidentally saw Liang Chen’s blanket falling on the ground to help pick it up. The two looked at each other, but no one spoke. In WeChat, Lu Jing kept talking with the box spirit, but found that Liang Chen’s cell phone rang when he said a word. At one time he thought Liang Chen was the box spirit, but Liang Chen lied to help his mother in order to deal with sister Qing next to him. Choose clothes.

Lu Jing sent out a message again, but before he saw Liang Chen receiving a message, he was invited back to his seat by the stewardess. Lu Jing looked back at Liang Chen when the curtain in the middle of the first-class cabin was pulled up.


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