Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 6 Recap


Liang Chen came to the hotel to stay and saw the song she was going to sing or the song she was singing over and over again. This made her a little upset that she didn’t want to sing this song. Sister Qing understood Liang Chen very well. As long as Liang Chen wanted to sing, she would go to talk The organizer communicated that she would satisfy Liang Chen even if the organizer was not happy, but Liang Chen would not think of what he was going to sing for a while.

Lu Jing was busy taking Liang Chen to play games every day. The roommates hadn’t played games with Lu Jing for a long time, and finally saw that Lu Jing didn’t need to take a girl by himself, so he quickly invited Lu Jing to play a game with them. Seeing that everyone massaged him, Lu Jing agreed. But after playing the game, he opened the box and found that he hadn’t got decent equipment. Lu Jing satirized others that his hands were too bad, and he expected Lu Jing to take out some equipment, but he didn’t expect that it was just a white skirt, which was obviously not suitable for Lu Jing’s. Person setting. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh at Lu Jing.

In the evening, Liang Chen couldn’t figure out what she wanted to sing. Ke Ke thought that as long as the fans liked it, Liang Chen suddenly thought of Lu Jing. Lu Jing was her fan. Liang Chen asked Lu Jing in surprise that she wanted to hear the idol sing most. What song, Lu Jing claimed to be a new song, because the new song is expected, Liang Chen began to change the song that night.

As a reward, Liang Chen wanted to give Lu Jing a gift and asked Lu Jing for an address. However, he was surprised to find that the two of them were in the same room in the same university, and even lived in the same bunk. The line on that wall reads Liang Chen left. At that time Liang Chen wrote that as long as he didn’t pass the exam, everyone in the dormitory would become fat. Lu Jing and Liang Chen were also shocked. They did not expect such a coincidence in the world. After returning to the dormitory, Lu Jing stroked the words on the wall and was stunned. The roommate asked Lu Jing to give him the skirt. He asked him to give it to someone else, but Lu Jing wanted to give this skirt to Liang Chen.

Lu Jing always waited for Liang Chen to talk to him, but Liang Chen was not happy at this time. The song she adapted was filmed and released during the rehearsal. The result was a particularly big response, and they all pointed out Liang Chen. Not suitable for this kind of rock, only suitable for singing love songs. Singing rock and roll is an insult to rock and roll, which makes Liang Chen’s mood fall to the bottom, including Jia Yun also euphemistically told Liang Chen that it is better to sing the original version. When Liang Chen was unhappy, Lu Jing felt it, and sent her a lot of funny expressions, finally showing a smile on Liang Chen’s face.

Liang Chen finally came on stage to sing the original version at the last moment, and Ke Ke’s hanging heart was finally let go, so that there is no need to work overtime. Everything is so smooth. Sister Qing is in the same bad mood as Liang Chen, because she can feel Liang. Chen’s unhappiness made her feel a little lost. Sister Qing persuaded Liang Chen not to care too much. Many changes did not happen overnight. At this time, Jia Yun invited Liang Chen to have dinner together. Liang Chen agreed because of the program’s affairs and hadn’t had a good meal for several days. Inadvertently Liang Chen picked up a mobile phone and tried to unlock her face and failed, so he entered the password and blamed Ke Ke for changing her wallpaper, but Ke Ke took out Liang Chen’s phone from his pocket. At this time, Jiayun’s secretary came to look for Jiayun’s cell phone. The cell phone in Liang Chen’s hand happened to be Jiayun’s. This suddenly made Liang Chen aware of something wrong, because Jiayun’s cell phone password was her birthday.

Liang Chen asked Lu Jing what it meant if someone used her birthday as a password. Lu Jing immediately realized that someone used Liang Chen’s birthday as a password, and this person must like Liang Chen. Liang Chen didn’t know how to explain it. Some panicked lied that he was uncomfortable and refused to go to dinner with Jiayun. And also because some people like Liang Chen and Lu Jing are in a bad mood and ran out to play basketball to vent their anger.

After Liang Chen went back, he ordered a lot of barbecue takeaways with Ke Ke, closed the door and tasted deliciously, but he didn’t expect that Jiayun, who cared about Liang Chen, suddenly delivered porridge and medicine. He looked nothing like Liang Chen eating the takeaway. It seemed to be sick, but Jiayun left without breaking it.

When Liang Chen was bored, he chatted with Lu Jing. Lu Jing wanted to ask when Liang Chen would be back, but he didn’t want to be too obvious, so he simply sent Liang Chen a satellite cloud image, analyzed the storm in recent days, and reminded Liang Chen to pay attention. When traveling, Liang Chen said straightforwardly about what he was going to go back tomorrow. This result made Lu Jing excited.


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