Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 4 Recap


I heard the girls’ dormitory was the boys’ dormitory they reside in. Liu Er started to search for hints of Liang Chen’s remain, but he discovered that a line on the wall of Lu Jing’s home. The phrase was pulled apart from Lu Jing until he can read it.

Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 3 Recap

After arriving home, Liang Chen wished to allow Lu Jing take the match with himbut Lu Jing who had been live broadcasting had no opportunity to shoot him. Lu Jing watched Liang Chen’s live air and there have been thousands of millions of lovers, and lots of individuals showed his affection off. Lu Jing suddenly knew Liang Chen had been seeing the live broadcast, and he bluntly stated that the tiny box wouldn’t learn. Unconvinced Liang Chen insisted on moving in to finish the job by himself, but he had been shot dead in five minutes. Lu Jing chose to choose Liang Chen to play the match . Both changed their equipment that opportunity to steal chips. Even though Liang Chen had a spoon in his hands, they did not understand what it was to.

The fan of this pit took out the processor in the trunk. When both were going to depart, they struck many robot strikes. When they had been battling, grandma turned to the room to send milk into Lu Jing. Lu Jing whined he had been watching a film. It was likely that the activity was suspended before the grandma left and she immediately went to the struggle, which induced Liang Chen to nearly be taken. Luckily, she and Lu Jing had heard the snake-like place ahead and escaped the fate of being taken. He wanted to cherish it and place it into Liang Chen. He had been pleased to listen to Lu Jing. Liang Chen’s bliss pouted and mad.

After completing work, Jiayun encouraged Liang Chen to supper, and conducted into Lu Jing who had been eating with his grandparents. Lu Jing appeared at Liang Chen who had been passing by himbut Liang Chen, that had been shielded by Jiayun, didn’t. When Liang Chen abandoned, he discovered that among his rings was lost. Lu Jing unexpectedly picked this up. Lu Jing desired to reunite Liang Chen when he arrived. He was probably overly stressed. Following Liang Chen for quite a while, after he had the guts to reunite, Liang Chen turned his mind, and Jiayun chose the earring rather, Liang Chen simply heard Lu Jing’s voice and felt comfortable, and turned round in shock to see in a glimpse, Lu Jing had left.

Liang Chen dressed and hurried over, conversing with Lu Jing because he walkedand with a joyful smile. Suddenly, Yue Yuxun would return to entangle him since he awakened with Liang Chen and cheated. Following the episode, the business ceased all Yue Yuxun’s work. In addition, he satirized Meng Lanzhi she wasn’t the girl he took seriously, and pledged to adore Liang Chen eternally.

However, Meng Lanzhi, that didn’t expect to hear but wasn’t standing in the doorway, gave Yue Yuxun a loud smack. Jiayun initially believed it was a contradiction involving Meng Lanzhi and Yue Yuxun, also could not sit still when he noticed Liang Chen was still entangled.

Within a aisle, Jia Yun ceased Yue Yuxun and cautioned him to not pester Liang Chen from today, since he was so unworthy, and he simply stopped his job. When he continues to pester Yue Yuxun entirely, and Yue Yuxun understands his job. It had been ceased by Jiayun, daring to not talk.


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