Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 3 Recap


The assignment this time would be to grab the energy rock and set it at a specified place. It’s considered an action to conserve the ground. This energy rock belongs to the ground. Those ammunition and weapons were for the purpose of conserving the ground. Lu Jing gathered it, and thought that Lu Jing will have the ability to take her to watch the fireworks, and Lu Jing could not live up to the small box.

Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 2 Recap

Lu Jing managed to evaluate the position of the robot ears and murdered it, which left Liang Chen really honored. To acquire the energy rock, you want to knock the bronze medal mechanism. Liang Chen, who’s great at songs, heard the gap in the noise of this bronze medal, and perfectly paired Lu Jing to acquire the energy rock and successfully returned .
He was clearly a man god but picked a miserable name, therefore Liang Chen revised the opinions.

It was that Liang Chen was a pupil who went out of here earlier. Liang Chen just wished to learn more about the issues of audio together with Professor Qin. After hearing the information, Teacher Luo disrupted again. Teacher Luo immediately took Liang Chen to shoot a photograph and commended Liang Chen because of their pride. Then all of the students understood they flew to watch Liang Chen, Liang Chen hadn’t any time to get anything. I inquired, so I needed to depart from the rear door.

Once I left, I watched Lu Jing unusually. Both had their eyes confronting each other but not one of them talked. Zhou Zhou thankfully thought Liang Chen was considering himbut Lu Jing proudly advised Zhou Zhou Liangchen to appear in his eyes. It had been him that came.
Taro’s place is quite hard for shooting. Taro only expects to complete the filming and depart whenever possible. The manager wanted to present the two of these to every other. After having a showerTaro felt he was humiliated and coated his head and hurriedly left.

He accepted Lu Jing’s arrangement and turned into his comrade-in-arms, because adhering to a fantastic god such as Herman means You are able to acquire. Ke Ke formerly told Liang Chen that Herman could place a downwind tune each time after the match was finished, to ensure Liang Chen’s tune was softly gone. Herman was an iron enthusiast, Liang Chen didn’t anticipate the god of warfare. As soon as I got in the vehicle, I expected to provide Lu Jing a opportunity to get him to the vehicle. However, I did not anticipate Lu Jing to push away directly. Liang Chen needed to run following his ass, and Lu Jing stopped abruptly. Stretched his hand out to pull on Liang Chen up. Additionally, I chose Liang Chen to perform speeding, however, the speeding turned to some planting floor with too many amazing skills.

Following Liang Chen went back, he still did not have some inspiration to invest inside. He needed to consider playing games at a fantastic time, but he had been murdered in under five minutes. The helpless Liang Chen needed to look for the fantastic luck manual, hoping to eliminate this Xiazi tag, but watched a individual from the remark saying that it was wishful thinking he wished to knock out Xiazi during this strategy. Liang Chen believed he was somewhat dumb, but when he wanted some relaxation, he chose to get Lu Jing and requested Lu Jing when she had been a fantastic cook.

Liang Chen was really frustrated and angry. At this moment, Lu Jing even offered to choose Liang Chen to play the fireworks, as well as the joyful Liang Chen immediately went online.
After viewing the energy rock returned, the fireworks and meteors automatically released by the machine created Liang Chen pleased, and also the superb environment also made her feel great, so she took an image of their success consequence of this firework explosion and introduced it into the circle of buddies to show off and watch her friends. The taro from the group wanted to go playwith. I didn’t anticipate that this type of box may blow up fireworks, but the relationship failed due to the lousy sign.


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