Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 Episode 2 Recap


From the NTU course, provided that there’s a course with Lu Jing, the pupils will be quite complete. Because women like Lu Jing and boys prefer to pursue women, they’ll be quite detailed. It was because of Lu Jing, also I understood it was because of Lu Jing, therefore that I could not help but throw a tiny grin on Lu Jing.

Liang Chen acquired some fantastic music , but she always believed that she could not locate it couldn’t use it. This left her somewhat worried and required Ke Ke to visit NTU to find inspiration. And I also informed Ke Ke about his prior lessons here in order to find inspiration. Ke Ke jokes which Liang Chen reported that she had been skipping classes within an high-sounding voice, but if she watched Liang Chen’s murderous eyes, Ke Ke was so fearful she closed up fast, even though it had been the reality. I can not just say it lightly.
Lu Jing went directly to Taro’s home. Taro entrusted Liang Chen into Lu Jing. He expected that Lu Jing would assert to attract Liang Chen. . When Lu Jing would like to go, he’ll return the taro the moment he comes back from filming, along with the taro can just agree to discharge it .

From the dormitory, Zhou Zhou, Liu Er, and many others believed that Lu Jing may not have the ability to bring victory, however the box has to be the character of that which was established, however also the proud Lu Jing affirmed he was treated along with his superb game degree even the box itself. It’s likewise simple to pass. Thus, once the roommate asked to wager, Lu Jing readily consented without even asking what the wager was. In his view, he’d never lose.
When Lu Jing was intending to depart get out of course, he had been halted by Zhou Zhou and Liu Er along with many others. They wanted that Lu Jing money his wager. What a pity would be to create Lu Jing popular. The melody of this violin remains Liang Chen, who was searching for inspiration later on, was drawn to him. Liang Chen stood in the doorway and appeared at Lu Jing, who had been drunk with songs.

So as to protect against this woman from being inserted to him, Lu Jing intentionally changed his title to Lu Jing, who likes to lick puppies, so the other party believes he is not a fantastic man and can not take the initiative. It does not count as a missed appointment, but that which he did not anticipate was Even though Liang Chen believed that the individual who has this kind of a title wasn’t a fantastic person, he decided to feel that Taro additional Lu Jing on his own initiative.

After finishing the job with playing matches, Lu Jing’s activity was critical and sexy, but his teammates had been pig-like characters. Beneath Lu Jing’s defense, they were able to sneak outside to pick up the spoils, so that they could not touch them. The fresh state was taken dead. Lu Jing patiently begun to finish the task twice . This sacred operation only laughed his tribe to death, and obviously Lu Jing missing the wager. When Liang Chen was stressed, Lu Jing advised Liang Chen the energy was from WeChat and allow Liang Chen Chen do not take it to heart.

This moment, but it moved beyond Lu Jing’s expectations. Provided that it was a very simple laugh, he would correctly ascertain that it had been Liang Chen, and also the napkin he utilized was Liang Chen. The avatar endorsement is stated to be recognizable to Liang Chen into a certain degree, but I didn’t anticipate Liang Chen to become unfamiliar with the match, but understands how to look for matches, and changed the initial voice, with the tone of some gentle adorable woman. Lu Jing could not comprehend Liang Chen.


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