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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 8 Recap

The moment he entered the area, Lotus and everybody was startled by the medication. After waking , Lotus promised to have stolen the cup. Miss San ardently believed there was a issue with Lotus, but everybody still did not think it.

Early in the morning, the dreadful girl asked Shen Moren when there weren’t any free horses for lease in Fengtian City, and gave a couple substantial quantities of money. Lotus also arrived at the hallway and invisibly to the ugly girl. The ugly girl complained, stating that she had been a girl or not a guy, and thus don’t consider massaging up her. Following Lianhua repeatedly prevailed, he stated he would head out shopping. Liu Sanyuan chased the lotus blossom and moved into the riverside to hang outside.

In the dinner, everybody was really enthusiastic on the surface. He arrived from Beiping to perform business in Fengtian. , everybody fainted one after another, and then she took the authentic luminous cup in the bag of”Zhu Yibiao”, she abandoned the hotel.

At nighttime, Liu Sanyuan chose a portrait. The individual at the painting is quite much like the ugly girl who resides in the store. Liu Sanyuan explained he discovered that this portrait whilst collating files in the police station in the day. The individual at the portrait is currently Zhu Yibiao, the chief of the Kansai bandit. Even though it’s just 1 word gap from Zhu Qun’s title, this individual doesn’t have anything to do with Zhu Qun’s. She stated that she couldn’t conclude the ugly girl was that the bandit only predicated on a desired order to get a similar-looking individual.

Speaking about the ugly girl who remained in the hotel, Lianhua said she’d seen this person in the previous location of stay. Liu Sanyuan stated it had been suspicious and guaranteed that Lianhua would shield her. Miss San, who’d been followed in this scene, watched her.

Nobody confessed. Liu Sanyuan was moving to the police station to resign since he dropped the cup.
Liu Sanyuan insisted that she thought in Lianhua this individual followed Lianhua several times and has to be a lousy man. Liu Sanyuan also stated that if the radiant cup is actually stolen, he’ll resign from the post of uterus.

It was the person who was concealed by Zhu and went lost. Miss San was quite upset and requested Bai Dahua to return the package into her. Bai Dahua dropped each of the treasures in her hands and vanished. Miss San hurriedly looked about for the lost package, but could not find it. At the time, Ma Hulu, that had been behind everybody due to inferior physical strength, watched a package from the shrub.

At the time, Miss San, that had been peeling garlic at the backyard, couldn’t listen to the voices of these people, and recognized there was a difficulty. She arrived to the front hallway and saw that everybody was curious.

Everyone woke up, recognized that Lotus had stolen the cup that was luminous, and chased out it. When I arrived at the little forest outside the town, I watched Miss San facing with Lotus.

Lotus maintained this time he arrived to Fengtian to assist the family at the classic business, and delivered the merchandise on behalf of her dad. Her purse contained a glass radiant cup, since it was too pricey for fear of making errors. , So she did not make a very clear announcement to Liu Sanyuan earlier, but lately days she always believed that somebody was after her.

Everybody did not feel that Lianhua was a terrible man, so that they discussed visiting her chamber and searched to learn the authenticity.



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