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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 7 Recap

A bunch of Zhu chatted with Ma Hulu from the area. When speaking about the imitation plague, Ma Hulu felt quite strange. The people who’d been ill in Fengtian City were because they drank water a bogus genius physician had given medication. After ingesting the brown sugar from Daxi Nong for a couple of days, is it the toxin of Daxixia? Zhu and his team quickly denied he maintained that Daxi had been their relatives and wouldn’t harm them. This term occurred to be noticed by Daxi in the doorway.

He stumbled on the steps, thinking whether he ought to think about a way to push everyone away.
Liu Sanyuan went into the hotel again, stating that a sick individual in Fengtian had purchased the medication from a genius physician, but it did not have some impact, and everybody may be deceived.

The gorgeous girl arrived at the hotel along with the comrades hurried to demonstrate their favor. Ma Hulu and Miss San were rather upset when they watched this spectacle. Miss San reported this girl looked familiar, as though she’d seen her earlier. The girl known as herself Lotus, and she advised Liu Sanyuan she had come to Fengtian to perform a business enterprise. Lotus remained at the hotel.

The genius physician suddenly ran at a panic, screaming that somebody would arrest himand then Liu Sanyuan along with other police officers chased him saying the fake plague episode in Fengtian City was entirely Artificially, the instigator behind the scenes had been this genius physician. It was he who moved into the well to take medication, which triggered a plague-like disease in Fengtian City. In a rush, the genius physician pointed a knife in Ma Hulu and threatened everybody. Everybody worked together to withstand the enemy and chose the liar genius physician.

At the time, a nasty girl with a flower-faced encounter came to the shop. If this person arrived, he was really pleased to visit Liu Sanyuan. He pointed into Liu San. Yuan stated he needed this small brother to serve him.

Daxi chose to request Ying to pour Ma Hulu a glass of plain water, and if he arrived to the rear kitchen, he understood that Zhu and others wouldn’t leave the hotel, and didn’t want Ma Hulu to endure any further crimes, so that he set the antidote to the water.

At the day, Gu Debai arrived to the rear kitchen to scrutinize. Lianhua maintained that after arrival, the kitchen seemed for cucumbers to place her face . Gu Debai explained that there were no cucumbers, also there were radishes.

Though the made was primitive and improper, Zhu’s family was really pleased.

Ma Hulu drank the medication provided by the genius physician, the result isn’t yet understood. Everybody discussed at the hotel lobby. Zhu’s team stated that the people in the major hotel are orphans in troubled times. If some of them are split, who will look after one another. After that, this hotel will probably soon be Zhu’s group’s house, and everyone at the major hotel is going to soon be his relatives. Regardless of who leaves later on, he’ll remain here because he needs to defend his homeland because of his relatives.

Within the room, once the flower-faced ugly girl was stripping Liu Sanyuan’s clothing, she had been smashed by the audience listening in the corner. Liu Sanyuan took the chance to escape in the road, stating that he was likely to be sentenced to departure. Liu Sanyuan and Wufu handled this nasty girl. Throughout the character analysis, a gorgeous lady in white came into the side of this road.



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