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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 6 Recap

The Zhu team saw no one was ready to assist Ma Hulu, so that he walked off the desk and stated he was fearful of rats, not the jolt, and that everybody was not able to save himbut was a lot of beasts. He picked up Ma Hulu and shipped it back into the area.

The audience pretended to have captured a mouse, also revealed the group of Zhu a purse comprising a mouse. Zhu and his team still do not need to leave the rat table. In the time of this stalemate, Liu Sanyuan arrived with police officer Wufu. He promised to have come to get a rat. There were supposed cases of plague in many cubes in Fengtian, and also the group of Zhu discovered of a meltdown.

Wufu encouraged a genius physician, and also the genius asked the people if they desired Wenzhi jolt or Wuzhi plague. They discussed in confusion, and eventually opted to use medication to heal the plague. The genius physician took a pill out of his pocket, but the pill was quite pricey, and Zhu’s band gritted his teeth borrowed money from Shen Moren to purchase it.

The team of Zhu roared and ran from the space disheveled. He maintained he had touched on a mouse throughout the tub and requested him to scatter rat medication round the table.

Once the audience saw Zhu Qun beating the internal hurdles for Ma Hulu, they honored him very much. They believe that Zhu’s team is quite righteous, so that his subordinates aren’t even scared of this plague. He was a second-rate from the hearts of everybody, but his picture is immediately improved.

Zhu Qun cared for Ma Hulu in the risk of being infected. Ma Hulu asked him whether he had been fearful of becoming infected? Zhu Qun stated he wasn’t afraid, also showed her his intentions, even though he actually died, he’d have six kids with Ma Hulu underground. Ma Hulu was stressed she would actually perish, and Zhu Yiqu assured that she’d receive better, and Ma Hulu was really moved.

The result is unknown. Everybody waited anxiously at the resort lobby. The next woman commended him for his character. On weekdays, he wasn’t exposed. The important moment was personalities.

The men and women in the front hallway of the resort are talking the jolt. Liu Sanyuan popularizes the standard common sense of this plague and stated Fengtian City is extremely dangerous today. He advises all to make an effort to not go out lately to prevent being infected.

Shen Moren called it a freak and a post-traumatic anxiety disorder. But there were corpses all around the street, and also the regions where there were dead were rats. Because of this, the Zhu team had emotional barriers.

From the rear kitchen, Daxi has been carrying out a bowl of potion. He wished to find a bogus jolt to push away the bunch of Zhu. She believed that Daxi had discharged her brown sugar , so she had been mad.

Daxi heard he was considerate. He believed that the dead place for Shen Moren and Zhu’s team was really a mouse. Shen Moren said . If the rat isn’t eliminated from the store, Zhu’s group will surely abandon the store and flee. Gu Debai reported that the heart disease is deserving of medication, and everybody must grab the rats which Zhu’s team encountered.



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