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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 5 Recap

When Zhang Tianshi was drinking and eating, Daxi arrived to speak with him . The slightly drunk Zhang Tianshi place his arms about Daxi’s shoulder and said, there’s not any ghost in this world he can not catch.

If he can not grab this ghost in 1 day, he’ll remain in the resort for a single day. If you can not grab it in 1 year, only stay here for a year. Daxi explained that Zhang Tianshi was profound in Taoism and profound in patterns. The celestial master stated that there are not any ghosts which can not be captured, just the boss that can not support himself.

Everybody was fearful and squeezed on a desk. He’s invited a phantom hunter Zhang Tianshi to devote money to eliminate ghosts.

When Zhang Tianshi arrived, he called the following behavior of everybody. The Zhu group clasped Zhang Tianshi’s palms with tears and noses, stating that the tiny ghost had gone into the home to discover the tiles, also expected the Tianshi would immediately drive away the ghost.

Zhang Tianshi stated relaxedly. , A little devil for at least ten decades, he wrapped his teethand then took the chance to whisper into the bunch of Zhu, provide him a couple dishes of beef, a couple jars of very good wine, and also the group of Zhu failed so.
At nighttime, Daxi met together with all the”ghosts” at the thatched home, and informed that the”ghosts” to take a break for some time, and quit coming out to frighten people, and await new jobs to be organized.

But, Zhu explained that there aren’t any ghosts in the world. Even though there are ghosts, even the work of huge hotels is flourishing, and there are numerous men and women. After the ghost stems, his Zhu team can amass the ghost. The moment the voice dropped, the lights started to flicker and went out. Someone cried and haunted, as well as the diners who had been ingesting flee at a swarm, leaving just the men and women who live in the hotel.

He did not grab a ghost. He told him if he could not capture any ghosts the following day, he’d ask him to proceed. The celestial teacher discovered he instantly started to push ghosts, and jumped in the restaurant. He cried everybody that the ghost was connected to the madman. Tonight he will combat the ghost at a critical battle. I expect everyone will probably be in his or her room. Be well, do not come out if nothing else is wrong.

Shen Moren started to believe he had hired the wrong man.

The Fengtian Grand Hotel advertisements and promotion contest officially started. Everybody tried their best to behave as beautiful women, paste little advertisements anywhere, or shoot photos and pictures of individuals. After everybody’s unremitting efforts, the work of the resort has slowly become popular.

On the next day, Zhang Tianshi chose a newspaper box also stated that the phantom was gathered here, and everybody in the resort admired and thanked him very much. Zhang Tianshi completed his final meal at the hotel and abandoned.

It was the so-called”ghosts” were just two guys and a girl posing as two guys and one girl. Zhang Tianshi was relieved he had scammed the lakes and rivers for so many decades, and there were not any ghosts in this world. Several fake ghosts needed to depart. Zhang Tianshi reported that should they left, he would be unable to describe to the people in the resort, so he requested several”ghosts” to collaborate with him at the operation, and criticized those”ghosts” for behaving imitation, also gave them one-of-a-kind. The”ghosts” gained a great deal from attending an acting course.

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