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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 4 Recap

Yizhihua returned into the women’s clothes, also Dajiao was shocked, and he explained he would marry her. Yizhihua denied her brother’s proposition. She believed it wasn’t peaceful now, and there wasn’t any love for kids in a nation. Hearing that the best ten wicked folks in the south are filled with crimes, both decided to work together to eliminate the wicked and assist justice. Significant pepper and Yizhihua abandoned the resort.
Both instantly foughtand they did not know the result for some time, but the significant hotel was awakened from them both.

If anybody talks about ghosts, then they’ll be deducted from their salary. It was also said that so as to advertise the functioning of the resort, it had been decided to establish the Fengtian Grand Hotel advertisements and advertising contest. Whoever brings more clients increase his salary.
Shen Moren went outside to bask in sunlight to dispel the yin, also affirmed Shen Moren’s thought of leaving the shop from Daxi dialect.
After communicating, they found they were former brothers and sisters. When they were older, they had been removed by their own masters and wandered across the world.

The huge chili and Yizhihua continued to struggle from the garden, but everybody in the resort stake from the rear kitchen, a few folks bet on the huge chili to triumph, and a few stake on the blossom to triumph.

On the next day, they told that the group of Zhu relating to this. Everyone believed there has to be a ghost at the resort. Shen Moren believed they were robbing a phantom and suggested they shut the store and leave. But, Zhu Yiqun thought they wouldn’t be terrified of ghosts phoning the door when they did not do anything wrong, and he cried.

Shortly after both abandoned, there was a wailing in the resort, and everybody went out and watched a guy using a cut throat lying at the doorway. He said :”The Japanese purchased me…” and subsequently expired. At the time, Daxi returned to the authorities, stating that all of the authorities was dispatched to other areas, which appeared to have been intentionally arranged. Everybody felt the resort was being targeted, and felt there was a large conspiracy. Zhu and the team honestly said that regardless of what the conspiracy had been, he’d open the resort to the finish!

Everybody in the resort hid to see the enthusiasm, and Zhu and also the team asked Daxi to phone the authorities when possible. Gu Debai explained he had heard any stories about both of these guys. Though they had been wanted criminals, they have been fantastic personalities in punishing traitors and personalities.
Da Chili and Yizhihua hurried to the lunatic refugee at the center of the struggle, and they could not conquer the lunatic. After talking for some time, decided to collaborate from the enemy, then resorted to some mix of sword and bickering, the lunatic was returned and defeated.

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