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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 3 Recap

At the start of the worship hall, everybody managed to postpone time. When he discovered his head, he believed it had been subjected, but the offenders were rather satisfied when they watched that the Zhu band posing as a bride, and believed that he was really lovely and adorable. Miss San could not bear to wed a bunch of Zhu for her, therefore she disclosed she had been the bride who offenders wanted.

Once the incident finished, Liu Sanyuan requested to observe that the deed of this resort. Zhu and the team took the forged deed which was half burnt by the grave burglar. Liu Sanyuan have a look and informed everybody he would assist to reissue the deed as soon as you can to manage the surprise review.

The work of the resort continues to operate. She advised Ma Hulu on her infant. Miss San claimed she just knew there was a infant in the bundle, and she did not understand what it was. Hurry to collaborate with the warlord. .

Miss San took out Liu Sanyuan’s token to depart the town out of her pocket, and also both Tomb Robber brothers watched the token and considered Miss San’s words. Miss San wittily advised Liu Sanyuan and others to venture out to purchase wine, Liu Sanyuan immediately left the resort.

After a time, Liu Sanyuan came back with a bunch of policemen, falsely asserting that the wine both brothers had only drunk was highly poisonous, and took out medication. The 2 brothers scrambled to consume the antidote. After consuming, the entire body has itchy. Liu Sanyuan successfully detained the two burglars.

Miss San moved to open the door, dragged Liu Sanyuan to the home, and escaped using a stab in the poor man on his mind. Miss San struck and kicked Liu Sanyuan, followed his entrance and exit token, also called his slave. Liu Sanyuan appeared in the scene at the shop and immediately understood what had happened, so that he instantly cooperated with Miss San.

The older guy with white beard requested to purchase food many times, and Zhu and his team discussed how to grab Big Chili and dismissed him. The older guy with white blossom blew up himself, he’s the significant pepper. Suohu stepped forward to grab the guy, but was struck by the huge chili using a chili.

An older guy with a white beard came into the resort. When Zhu Qun was talking the look of the older guy with Shen Moren, a person unexpectedly appeared. He promised to be a renowned bounty hunter around the lakes and rivers, called Suohu, a gentleman, and his obligation to protect the world. Legend has it this huge chili pepper is a highly effective martial artist and can be a murderous fanatic. Sohu will probably be here now. He even gave a jar of Mongolian perspiration medication to Zhu’s band and requested them to provide medication to the significant pepper meal.

Ma Hulu put makeup Miss San from the area, and also the bunch of Zhu sneaked into the area and asked Miss San to remove her clothes, stating Miss San was a worker of his store. He could not watch her unintentionally, and he’d pretend to be the bride.

The audience discussed covertly, first consented to his petition, held a marriage for the both of them, paid a courtesy to wed themand hauled them into patrol Liu Sanyuan in the day. When establishing the pro-site, a grave burglar saw the throw deed of the home and burnt off the deed to light a candle. Everybody yearns.

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