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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 2 Recap

At night, Daxi and a couple of beggars gathered in a little hut. Daxi claimed he had met with a female revolutionary in the entrance of the theater. The feminine revolutionary party told Daxi to complete her unfinished assignment prior to leaving. Daxi and the Revolutionaries met at the entrance of the theater building and taught him a gesture as a combined code. He decided that because the theater had become a huge resort, he would lie at the major hotel, awaiting the arrival of the revolutionary party.

Miss San recognized that because the police were here, she needed to find her treasure as soon as possible. The group of Zhu remembered the lunatic refugees they met that night when they came to the resort. The guy knocked Zhu and Shen fainted and walked across the bundle, so Zhu Mo remained silent.

The group of Zhu stated that Shen Moren and himself were inseparable when fleeing. Both people shared the exact difficulties. Ma Hulu was appointed as a waiter with great picture and temperament.

Unexpectedly, Liu Sanyuan requested to find the deed of the home in the resort, but Zhu and his team naturally did not have it, so everybody interrogated, and Liu Sanyuan explained he would observe the deed of the house tonight at the latest.

On the next day, a handsome police officer arrived at the resort. This police officer was preferred by a lot of women. His name is Liu Sanyuan and he operates in Fengtian Police Station. He observes the audience and analyzes the nature and identity of Zhu Qun and Shen Moren using only a couple glances, and the analysis is extremely accurate.

The group of Zhu said badly, the attractiveness agreed to remain in the hotel for one night. Zhu and others conveyed with the beauty and learned that her name was Ma Hulu, a singer, but as a result of world and the chaos of the group, they didn’t get any results, and were ashamed to go home. The group of Zhu stated that she was someone who’d fulfilled the world at first glance, hoping that she would give some guidance to the performance of the resort, and Ma Hulu gave his own guidance.

Before departing, Liu Sanyuan examined the identity of Miss San, stating that she had been the only woman who did not praise him to be handsome. Ma Hulu requested Liu Sanyuan to reveal herself. Liu Sanyuan said he had seen Ma Hulu’s lifetime experience, but he did not dare to say.

Ma Hulu reported that she had a conflict with her father, and went out into the funds alone in angrily, hoping to realize her dream of being a singer, but she neglected to triumph, and now she’s ashamed to go home. Zhu Qun explained that his fantasy is to be accomplished bit by bit, and he expects Ma Hulu can stay in the hotel.
At night, Miss San was searching for her infant everywhere in the yard. Suddenly she saw a figure at all.

Everybody went to investigate. They claimed to have been in prison for two decades and finally escaped. Gu Debai speculated that both They’re the two brothers of grave robbers that are famous in the grave robber world. Both men kidnapped everyone after threatening all to serve them, stating they would kill the people before departing.
The resort is well run and the company is booming.

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