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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 1 Recap

The three northeastern states became the fat in the view of the fantastic powers. The sons of this diminishing hotel tycoon, Zhu and his team, took refuge in their own hometown at the northeast with his slave Shen Moren. The both of them were homeless all of the way and dropped the last piece of money.

In the Long Run, Zhu Yiyi jeopardized with Daxi and decided to run a meeting with Daxi. So long as Daxi passed on the meeting, he could remain and work in the resort. Daxi didn’t work well in the meeting, however Zhu and Shen were sort, and eventually agreed to maintain him at the resort to work, such as housing and food but no salary.

When everybody was secure, they found the so-called”ghost figure” was the next woman Yang Sirui who had split from Gu Debai. The set of Zhu found the bundle dropped by Miss San throughout the chaos. He anticipated the two assassins should have come for this particular bundle. There has to be a treasure , so he concealed the bundle.

At the time, a gorgeous woman arrived at the restaurant for supper, but there wasn’t any chef at the restaurant. After hearing that, the woman turned left, and also the Zhu team chased it outside.
On the very first day of the store, a beggar called Daxi arrived at the hotel and stated he was a music performer. Daxi also stated that the theater was postponed. The team of Zhu explained that the so-called ghosts were simply refugees.

They remained here at nighttime, and they’d met a lunatic refugee at the evening before.
At precisely the exact same time, the commander of this warlord obtained a treasure. The Revolutionary Party and the Japanese wished to find this treasure, so that they came to collaborate with the warlord. The commander made a decision to collaborate with the Japanese due to the wealthy states of the Japanese. Upon hearing this information, the next young woman Yang Sirui along with his mentor Gu Debai, by the thieves family in Shuzhong, considered that the warlord had colluded with the enemy to damage the nation and the people, so that they lacked the treasure.

The resort opened the following day.
But, Daxi didn’t take action, not stating that this place belongs to himand Zhu and his team insisted that this place belongs to himand both quarreled. Daxi was shocked at an instant.

At nighttime, Fengtian City. Following the three got recognizable, they entered the theater construction and abruptly fell to the setting of both Ye brothers who’d been awaiting for quite a very long time. The 2 brothers inquired where the baby was, but everybody did not understand. Both saw there was no girl among these folks, and they weren’t the one they had been chasing. While believing, they unexpectedly saw a phantom figure. Both Ye brothers believed they’d fulfilled with a phantom and fled.

Zhu Qun proposed to Shen Moren he didn’t wish to ramble anymore and wanted to start a significant restaurant . When speaking about the introduction of a huge resort, I talked about it rather than set it in practice. Zhu and his team thought that the location was correct and appropriate, and he made up his mind to start a restaurant .

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