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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 9 Recap

Jiang Jingxuan passed and watched and told her that there was a concealed location on the next floor to paint . Zhou Jianqing was amazed by Jiang Jingxuan’s constant shifting of individuals. Su Youxia inadvertently met Zhou Zixuan and has been made trouble with a customer and immediately stepped forward to help.

Zhou Zixuan was a cook because he enjoyed cooking and got a lot. think. To be able to stop Zhou Jianqing out of selling, Zhou Zixuan could just repay the cash whenever possible. I feel his dad’s store can be opened in the future to encourage Zhou Jianqing, and that he won’t suffer a reduction before Gu Nanzhou.

Colleagues reluctantly delivered Zhou Jianqing away. Jiang Xiaochuan found that Zhou Jianqing wasn’t so miserable, and Gu Nanzhou took it for granted she had been laughing hard. Gu Nanzhou said Zhou Jianqing’s name thirty-four times a day, and Jiang Xiaochuan could not say it.

Zhou Jianqing was really pleased to see the remarks of netizens. Gu Nanzhou found that she stated that the model of this boss of this phantom creature was that she immediately grabbed the telephone and also joined the band of whining bosses. Everybody was ashamed, and Zhou Jianqing quickly clarified, however, the misunderstanding among coworkers deepened. Gu Nanzhou issued the firm awards ceremony, and everybody understood that Zhou Jianqing had been Gu Nanzhou’s fiancée.

Gu Nanzhou was going to be late to the interview, and seeing it had been too late to have a cab, Zhou Jianqing had an opportunity to take him to select the bus, however, Gu Nanzhou was terrified there could be too many individuals to choose the bus. Zhou Jianqing just bought him a set of earphones and children’s sunglasses, and then pulled on the bus. Gu Nanzhou was just like a blind guy. Zhou Jianqing instantly picked it up so as to nourish his brother using a bad mind. The script to your hardworking sister.

Gu Nanzhou explained that after returning home, he requested the authorized counsel to draw up an investment arrangement. Zhou Jianqing had done a fantastic job to Nebula now. Zhou Jianqing desired a bonus. Gu Nanzhou asked her when she had been leaving the corporation. Abnormal, perhaps they invest too long together. Jiang Xiaochuan came back, however, Gu Nanzhou told me that Zhou Jianqing had dropped somewhat profound, and advised Jiang Xiaochuan to not irritate her. In the end, the woman thought profoundly, and thus don’t get hurt as a result of this event.

Gu Nanzhou had no option but to acquiesce and requested her to wash up after eating, since she had to hurry to the paper and also replenish energy. The following day, Zhang Yin arrived to Zhou Jianqing to provide the manuscript and breakfastbecause he slept all night to help her arrange the manuscript. Zhou Jianqing inadvertently uttered Gu Nanzhou’s Rubik’s Cube as crap last night. Gu Nanzhou was quite upset and got mad with Zhou Jianqing’s hand. Zhang Yin could not help but hurried up when he noticed this.

Both eventually came. Unexpectedly, when Gu Nanzhou turned to the pc, he watched Zhou Jianqing’s cartoon character according to him. Zhou Jianqing quickly awakened to reverse the tide and stated””Xingling Lake” stems from their authentic narrative, stating they will not ever forget the night following their reunion. Gu Nanzhou almost thought it.

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