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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 8 Recap

Zhou Zixuan was really upset when he watched Zhou Jianqing carrying a lot of items and has been scolded by Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing immediately drove him away. Gu Nanzhou wouldn’t let Zhou Zixuan to return, differently the lease could double and Zhou Jianqing would cry without tears.

As Jiang Jingxuan was planning to show the award, Zhou Jianqing transformed to a dress and murdered him. The award speech was moving, and won warm applause. Jiang Jingxuan gritted his teeth with rage, and Gu Nanzhou was likewise quite happy.

The reporter chased Zhou Jianqing’s job to inquire about Nebula, also Zhou Jianqing went into the restroom after he’d coped with it, and happened to meet Jiang Jingxuan. Jiang Jingxuan took the label from Zhou Jianqing’s apparel, and the both of them battled with one another, and neither of these could give in. Zhou Jianqing started to feel annoyed he should not be in a position to accomplish this, even the dress couldn’t be retired. Due to Zhou Jianqing’s opinions, Mr. He loathed Nebula’s job very much. Zhou Jianqing was really pleased. Zhou Jianqing was too late to publish the newspaper, so he needed to split Zhang Yin and stated Gu Nanzhou was looking in her quite tightly and it had been too late .

Gu Nanzhou’s job wasn’t going well, Jiang Jingxuan took his favourite food quite closely, belittling Zhou Jianqing. Jiang Jingxuan explained that Gu Nanzhou had to attend an awards ceremony, however, the female spouse could take the award on her behalf, and Gu Nanzhou allow Jiang Jingxuan manage it. Gu Nanzhou encouraged Zhou Jianqing on the telephone, but Zhou Jianqing didn’t hear him at college.

They had been worried if Zhou Jianqing had not return. The workers were also speaking about her lack of electricity and ideas over the last couple of days. Gu Nanzhou narcissistically believed she had been unwilling to leave her. Jiang Jingxuan requested Gu Nanzhou when he wished to maintain Zhou Jianqing at the business, and overheard them faking to be an unmarried couple. Zhou Jianqing was happy he could not wait to escape the sea of anguish instantly, however, Gu Nanzhou became mad. The boss said that Zhou Jianqing’s animation male protagonist had no features, and Zhou Jianqing just substituted Gu Nanzhou in.

Gu Nanzhou fainted again, Jiang Jingxuan delivered him home, since he had been stressed that Gu Nanzhou Jiang Jingxuan wouldn’t depart, and helped him hang Zhou Jianqing’s telephone, Gu Nanzhou wasn’t feeling well. Zhang Yin followed Zhou Jianqing into the library to paint, and didn’t go home until ten o’clock in the day. Gu Nanzhou was somewhat mad, complaining that she’d not forget what she told Jiang Jingxuan. Zhou Jianqing known to inquire Jiang Jingxuan concerning the award ceremony. Jiang Jingxuan requested her to put on a cozy dress, and requested her to come by herselfbut she picked a very lovely dress.

The Following Day, Zhou Jianqing automatically picked a 1 Piece T-shirt and put off. After arriving at the place, seeing that everybody was wearing quite formal, Zhou Jianqing was a bit ashamed, Jiang Jingxuan conquer her said she had been easy. Zhou Jianqing swallowed his rage, Gu Nanzhou just asked Jiang Jingxuan to behave for Zhou Jianqing, Zhou Jianqing left in a huff, and then recognized that Jiang Jingxuan enjoyed Gu Nanzhou.

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