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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 7 Recap

In the night, Gu Nanzhou unintentionally saw Zhou Jianqing’s animations and old photographs on her pc, and suddenly realized that Zhou Jianqing’s job”No.19 Paradise Street” was not plagiarized, but her previous property.

Zhou Jianqing was quite magnanimous. Although their initial impressions of each other were quite poor, they slowly found each other’s strengths. Zhou Jianqing gradually awakened alongside Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou was suddenly nervous, thinking she wished to admit, but he did not anticipate Zhou Jianqing to only need to eat a bowl of instant noodles.

Zhou Jianqing produced the minute noodles and requested Gu Nanzhou to flavor it as well. Gu Nanzhou kept saying to not eat junk food, however, the result was delicious, along with the two naively started to grab the noodles.

Zhou Jianqing requested Gu Nanzhou to inquire Jiang Xiaochuan and Jiang Jingxuan to come home for supper. Jiang Xiaochuan promptly consented, however, Jiang Jingxuan had a consultation through the nighttime. Jiang Xiaochuan started to test that Zhou Jianqing didn’t need to leave. In the end, folks like Gu Nanzhou would be the favorites of their general public, and Zhou Jianqing would undoubtedly not have the ability to refuse to flaunt his charm. Jiang Xiaochuan worked tirelessly to accommodate Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou in the dinner table. Both formally started to live together. Zhou Jianqing froze because Gu Nanzhou’s letter newspaper was just the same as the individual who sponsored her to visit college.

Zhou Jianqing briefly became Gu Nanzhou’s helper. Jiang Jingxuan reported he might come, however, Gu Nanzhou refused. Gu Nanzhou’s mindset towards cartoon is quite severe, Zhou Jianqing agrees very considerably, and he didn’t anticipate that Gu Nanzhou is the type of thing he insists on doing well regardless of everybody’s opposition.

Zhou Jianqing was tired at college, and the instructor asked her to take part in a cartoon contest. Zhou Jianqing hurriedly returned to the firm together with lunch, then piled out files and served java. Gu Nanzhou wrongly thought that Zhou Jianqing actually enjoyed him.

Gu Nanzhou was absent-minded throughout the assembly, and did not neglect to send a message to inquire Zhou Jianqing when he’d stuffed his items. Hearing that Zhou Jianqing couldn’t go house for now, Gu Nanzhou was happy, Zhou Jianqing started to beg Gu Nanzhou to shoot in her for a time period. Later on, so long as Gu Nanzhou can utilize her location, she’ll perish without paying any cash.

Jiang Xiaochuan needed to be hospitalized for food poisoning, since the crab had been dead, therefore Gu Nanzhou requested Zhou Jianqing to shoot over Jiang Xiaochuan’s occupation, and she was also searching to get an internship in the corporation. Zhou Jianqing awakened at nearly eight o’clock, and hurried to the area to wake Gu Nanzhou out of bed. Zhou Jianqing tidied up Gu Nanzhou’s coat aggressively, and shot him out of the home. In addition, he pulled Gu Nanzhou from this car for breakfast at the center of the travel. Gu Nanzhou disliked the stall surroundings, and the automobile was blocked by somebody else’s automobile.

Gu Nanzhou was going to be overdue, and it had been too late to have a cab. Zhou Jianqing needed to tug Gu Nanzhou to a tricycle and eventually hurried to the corporation.
Zhou Jianqing started to sell badly , Gu Nanzhou eventually let go, Zhou Jianqing thankfully maintained his arm and shook it.

Gu Nanzhou instantly got a call in Gu’s mother. Gu Nanzhou inquired why Gu Nanzhou desired to be with Zhou Jianqing. Gu Nanzhou reported that he actually wished to be with Zhou Jianqing. Gu’s mum was instantly pleased. She particularly enjoyed Zhou Jianqing, also Gu Nanzhou needed to return and make peace.

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