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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 6 Recap

Zhou Jianqing recited into the hospital. Zhou Jianqing might be discharged from the hospital now. Su Youxia failed a test, and Zhou Zixuan instantly went to Zhou Jianqing.

Zhou Zixuan, that had been jagged and tired, could not endure it and left. Zhou Jianqing requested Zhou Zixuan to not come to them daily, exactly like a wicked mother-in-law, Zhou Zixuan was helpless and may only concur. Zhou Jianqing said that Zhou Zixuan wouldn’t come back, and she would move out tomorrow, however Gu Nanzhou felt somewhat uneasy, requesting Zhou Jianqing to clean all her traces prior to departing.

Gu Nanzhou could not sleepdrank the medication and put on the mattress. Early the following morning, Zhou Jianqing carried his luggage and was going to depart. Gu’s mum came and was amazed to see Zhou Jianqing here. When she watched their photographs, she believed they were actually together. The main reason Zhou Jianqing desired to go out was due to a quarrel. Zhou Jianqing only lasted, Gu’s mommy promptly became stressed, and took Zhou Jianqing’s hands and stated that she had been responsible for her and allow her to stay here.

Gu Nanzhou was moving into the grocery store, Zhou Jianqing cried for snacks and requested him to purchase sanitary napkins, but Gu Nanzhou denied. Jiang Jingxuan obviously picked up the water which Gu Nanzhou had drunk, stating that she had been used to it. Gu Nanzhou carefully chosen sanitary napkins from the supermarket. Jiang Xiaochuan desired to consume snacks. Gu Nanzhou did not buy them. Jiang Xiaochuan believed he’d been in love for quite a while, therefore he had been devoted to Zhou Jianqing, also Gu Nanzhou refused to acknowledge it.

Zhou Jianqing requested him to purchase hair ties, but Gu Nanzhou did not understand exactly what the Mori woman was, therefore he needed to purchase all them. Zhou Jianqing was allergic to strawberry, Gu Nanzhou requested Jiang Jingxuan and Jiang Xiaochuan to return to the provider first, and allow Zhou Jianqing break for some time. Gu Nanzhou remained to treat Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing explained he wished to break independently, therefore Gu Nanzhou needed to depart.

When Gu Nanzhou abandoned, Zhang Yin came. Zhou Jianqing was quite uncooperative, therefore Zhang Yin needed to help her paint the remainder. After Gu Nanzhou came back, he had been really worried to observe that Zhou Jianqing had ended playing every little, but he did not anticipate that Zhou Jianqing was busy taking photographs and sending it to Minutes to ask his manager for charge. Gu Nanzhou was nearly mad.

Gu Nanzhou drove off Zhang Yin angrily, stating that she did not want him to treat him. He did not know how much Zhou Jianqing enjoyed comics. What could she do when she lost her job due to Gu Nanzhou! Zhou Jianqing additionally insisted on completing the manuscript, therefore Gu Nanzhou needed to let her continue to paintsitting and staring at them both.

Following Zhou Jianqing completed the painting, Gu Nanzhou instantly went ahead to push people, then confiscated the bites Zhang Yin had attracted. Zhou Zixuan was moving into the provider again and needed to await her in the doorway. Xuan remove. After exhausting a variety of motives, Zhou Zixuan believed she had a stomachache, so that she went straight to the hospital.

Zhou Jianqing stated that when she could not cut on the draft, she would not have this particular job. She really wanted this task, therefore Gu Nanzhou needed to inquire Jiang Xiaochuan to receive her drawing board. Jiang Jingxuan discovered that Zhou Jianqing was sick and offered to help her get matters, and stated that Gu Nanzhou would just consume her peeled apples.

She was allergic to medication, but there was nothing severe. Gu Nanzhou believed that Zhou Jianqing has to have inadvertently drunk his medication to blame himself for this. Gu Nanzhou remained with Zhou Jianqing at the hospital for a night. The morning after, Zhou Jianqing awakened to discover he was somewhat confused in the hospital, then hurried home to bring the manuscript. Gu Nanzhou directly pushed her on the mattress to be able to stop her from becoming ambiguous.

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