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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 5 Recap

Su Youxia requested Zhou Jianqing to think of the way to cope with Zhou Zixuan, Zhou Jianqing started to whine about Gu Nanzhou’s different quirks, every one of which left Zhou Jianqing tortured and reluctant to reside, even Zhou Jianqing’s diet needed to be controlled. Su Youxia stated that Zhou Zixuan had a great deal of suspicions, therefore Zhou Jianqing must listen to it.

Zhou Zixuan refused to concur with the both of them, since they failed to understand each other, Zhou Jianqing reluctantly drove Gu Nanzhou straight back and stated he wished to speak to Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan believed that Gu Nanzhou did not really like Zhou Jianqing, but Zhou Jianqing remembered Gu Nanzhou’s union proposal to him made a joyful appearance. Zhou Zixuan reported that the money owed should be repaid. Do not make the association between Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou uncertain at that moment. Any issues found through the running-in interval were promptly broken, Zhou Jianqing promptly consented.

Zhou Jianqing whined that his dad was foolish, and she needed to dash the draft at the middle of the evening! Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing needed a quarrel, Zhou Jianqing could just endure it, and he had the best to drop weight. Gu Nanzhou returned into the area and started to reflect on if he’d gone too far.

Gu Nanzhou’s home wasn’t closed. In addition, he stated they were authentic love, and there was no interest in them. Zhou Zixuan issued a soul issue, asking them exactly what they were afterwards, and Zhou Jianqing promptly answered Gu Nanzhou.

Gu Nanzhou’s firm faced some issues, and Zhou Zixuan arrived . Zhou Jianqing could just ask him to accompany him . Zhou Zixuan took out 10,000 yuan and stated he would return the cash to him gradually. Gu Nanzhou stated he did not have to cover it back, but Zhou Zixuan denied. Zhou Zixuan also took out a number of his own knowledge in caring for Zhou Jianqing, stating that he was caring for Zhou Jianqing following his mother abandoned, and Gu Nanzhou ought to take decent care of her. Zhou Jianqing’s comics were well received, along with the boss asked her to include yet another time.

Gu Nanzhou arrived to pick up her, Zhou Jianqing got to the bus and left.
Zhou Jianqing took Gu Nanzhou into the movie game city to perform with. Gu Nanzhou was quite resistant at first, then slowly started to put the shelf down to fight Zhou Jianqing, and followed her to grab the doll.

Although Gu Nanzhou captured many occasions and failed to capture it, Gu Nanzhou didn’t believe in evil and attempted. Time later, eventually got his wish. Gu Nanzhou awakened the following day and found that the breakfast left by Zhou Jianqing, along with his anger suddenly vanished.
Zhou Jianqing arrived at Gu Nanzhou using the chicken soup that he left, stating that he had been thanking him for taking him , and needed to see him drink the chicken soup prior to leaving. He then took a selfie using Gu Nanzhou while he had been drinking the soup, but Gu Nanzhou needed to manually delete it. Zhou Jianqing immediately stated that Gu’s mum already knew in their participation, which Gu Nanzhou could make use of these photographs to bargain with Gu’s mum, like they were serving each other,” Gu Nanzhou could just bear it.

Zhou Zixuan finally abandoned, but he’ll come tomorrow. Zhou Jianqing was scared he could be leery, so he begged Gu Nanzhou to remain a couple more times and guaranteed to do something in exchange. Gu Nanzhou put many principles for Zhou Jianqing, though Zhou Jianqing was miserable, he could just concur. He believed that Gu Nanzhou should have a issue, and Su Youxia could just reply that he did not understand.

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