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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 4 Recap

At the day, Zhou Jianqing came sporting a office outfit. Gu Nanzhou was really disgusted. The customer had already came when he was going to take her to purchase clothing. Jiang Xiaochuan was really stressed.

Zhou Jianqing explained he wasn’t drunk for a million cups, and eventually negotiated in the purchase price of 500 cups. The rhetoric created President Luo very pleased. President Luo implied that everybody admire his wife. Gu Nanzhou was very delighted.

Zhou Jianqing hugged him and stated he was fearful of not allowing him go. In addition, he called his mother to say he wished to eat noodles. Gu Nanzhou felt somewhat softened
On the road home, Zhou Jianqing was claiming about ingesting, Jiang Xiaochuan also wished to repay the cash. Zhou Jianqing was unconscious. Gu Nanzhou could just take her back into his property. Zhou Jianqing stood to the couch and faked to sing. Gu Nanzhou slowly became impatient and stated he would throw her out, but Zhou Jianqing began crying aggrievedly.

Zhou Jianqing chased Zhang Yin and stated he had been a fantastic person for a cartoonist, and persuaded him to meet his fantasy together with himself,” Zhang Yin nevertheless consented. Zhang Yin requested Zhou Jianqing again when he had been going to wed Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing said because he had been handsome. Zhou Jianqing received a telephone in Gu Nanzhou, also Gu Nanzhou requested her to accompany him to a dinner at nighttime, Zhou Jianqing promptly consented.

Gu Nanzhou discovered her accounts book. She recalled the cash owed to others obviously. The meal price was just 20 yuan each day, and it was full of various coupons. Gu Nanzhou A bit worried. Zhou Jianqing awakened and stated he wished to eat instant noodles. The 2 folks got wet on the floor. Gu Nanzhou was helpless and dizzy. .

Zhou Zixuan hurriedly moved into the Gu Group, and Gu Nanzhou handed him to the elevator. Zhou Jianqing went to Zhang Yinqiu for assistance and purchased lots of snacks, but it wasn’t due to the cash that Zhang Yin acted as a helper to her. Zhou Jianqing nevertheless asked in a ridiculous way.

The following day, Zhou Jianqing transported the bag and was going to depart, but Gu Nanzhou started to stab her to clean up your home. Zhou Jianqing angered and stated he would kneel and beg he wouldn’t come. Zhou Jianqing moved to Su Youxia’s home. Su Youxia’s family stated that Zhou Zixuan had discovered her for a single night. Zhou Jianqing whined that he had discovered a new project, so that he wished to reside at Su Youxia’s home. Su Youxia was really stressed. Zhou Jianqing believed she loathed her.

Gu Nanzhou inquired how Zhou Jianqing obtained in, also stated he would go to jail for breaking into a private property. The authorities that Gu Nanzhou reported previously came. Zhou Jianqing hugged Gu Nanzhou and stated he had been his fiancée, also clarified the authorities before departing. Zhou Jianqing naturally remained in Gu Nanzhou’s home, but the sound she made produced Gu Nanzhou throw and turn about. Angrily, Gu Nanzhou hurried out and requested Zhou Jianqing to not create any sound. Zhou Jianqing was quite aggrieved.

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