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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 3 Recap

Su Youxia softly entered the classroom and requested Zhou Jianqing when she actually wished to wed Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing immediately explained the intricacies, trusting that Su Youxia wouldn’t inform Zhou Zixuan.

Regardless of how Zhou Zixuan jeopardized her, she could not say anything. Su Youxia needed to concur. Up. Zhang Yin discovered that Zhou found that Qingzhen was likely to wed Gu Nanzhou and was so miserable, and Su Youxia was also miserable.

Jiang Jingxuan requested Gu Nanzhou when it had been troublesome to look after his little girlfriendand even attracted him porridge, but Gu Nanzhou did not eat it. Zhou Jianqing was cautioned by the instructor for boosting sales at college. Zhou Jianqing needed to shout and market miserably. He was going to graduate in just two weeks. The instructor requested Zhou Jianqing along with the faculty to use to leave college early. Up.

Gu Nanzhou initially ignored it.
After arriving home, Gu Nanzhou believed a burglar was at the home, and immediately picked up the man to call the authorities, but he did not anticipate this individual was Zhou Jianqing.

Gu Nanzhou was reluctant to attend the assembly and requested Jiang Xiaochuan to take part for him. Lu Ziming explained that their stocks had surpassed Gu Nanzhou’s stocks, but Gu Nanzhou requested Jiang Xiaochuan to simply take the power of attorney from the minority investors and stated that Nebula would depart the Gu household Independent operation.

If Zhou Jianqing saw somebody selling a publication using a reduction of 10 percent, he used his business acumen and requested the manager to give him a lien to market it at a reduction of 50 percent. He did not expect to be driven off. The customer said he needed a supper in the day. Gu Nanzhou maintained receiving calls from Zhou Jianqing, stating that his fiancée required to manage something. Gu Nanzhou cautioned Zhou Jianqing again he couldn’t lead to trouble .

After Zhou Jianqing discovered the roommate’s remarks, he blamed himselfand immediately packed his things and moved off. Zhou Jianqing transported the bag independently and known as Su Youxia to test in, however he did not anticipate that Su Youxia wasn’t at home. Zhou Jianqing discovered that someone was stalking him quite nervous, and reluctantly moved to Gu Nanzhou’s home, but he did not expect the other party to accompany him to the elevator. Gu Nanzhou never opened up the doorway. Zhou Jianqing needed to input the password . After entering, he discovered that the individual was living next door.

Zhou Jianqing was worried to go to course, but Gu Nanzhou took her cell phone and altered the opinions for her husband, also left a very romantic look for many others.
Gu Nanzhou delivered Zhou Jianqing back to college and told her not to put up a stall to ruin his image. Jiang Jingxuan explained that they still will need to arrange revisions, and Zhou Jianqing remains considering setting up a booth.

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