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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 2 Recap

Gu’s mum, who came to see Gu Nanzhou, was shocked when she first saw this. She was also quite happy with the upcoming daughter-in-law, also asked them how they met each other. Gu Nanzhou hadn’t had a girlfriend and Gu’s mum was going to die of stress. Gu Nanzhou hurriedly sent her off in humiliation.

Prior to departing, Gu’s mom didn’t neglect to make an appointment using Zhou Jianqing for supper tomorrow, Zhou Jianqing also consented. Following Gu’s mum abandoned, Zhou Jianqing needed a cheeky to speak to Gu Nanzhou about tomorrow’s service cost.

Zhou Jianqing reported he promised to wed Gu Nanzhou, trusting that he’d lend himself million, and offered quite good provisions, stating that he could function as a typical married guy facing others. Zhou Jianqing believed he liked boys. Zhou Jianqing, that had been triggered by Zhou Jianqing, slipped , and both kissed off the couch for the next time. Jiang Xiaochuan, that arrived to send the records, was humiliated. Assessing the prenuptial agreement, Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou withdrew his hand said that the alliance is joyful!

Gu’s mum expected that Gu Nanzhou would accompany her own ideas about whether or not to wed Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing was enticed by Gu Nanzhou’s proposal due to the two million trades Zhou Zixuan owed. Suddenly, Gu Nanzhou reported that he did not have to get married. Zhou Jianqing cried him really humblely, she actually did not know who to ask, Gu Nanzhou gave her a speech for her to encounter.

After Zhou Jianqing went to watch Zhou Zixuan, he unexpectedly discovered that Zhou Zixuan has been gathered by his mum’s creditors. Zhou Zixuan refused to allow Zhou Jianqing come , and hurriedly took away her. Zhou Jianqing requested Zhou Zixuan what he had been doing. She always believed Zhou Zixuan was performing well overseas. Zhou Zixuan requested Zhou Jianqing to look after herself, but she could not handle the debt.

Gu’s mum asked Gu Nanzhou for Zhou Jianqing’s telephone number, but Gu Nanzhou did not give that, therefore Gu’s mum had to request Jiang Xiaochuan for this. Gu’s mum heard that Gu Nanzhou chose to wed Zhou Jianqing due to his father’s last wish. It was really sad. In case Zhou Jianqing was reluctant to wed himit would be an option.

Gu Nanzhou Zhou Jianqing inadvertently uttered and has been seen by a business employee. Gu Nanzhou’s crowd phobia endured suddenly and then he passed out. Jiang Xiaochuan hurried in and took Gu Nanzhou into the hospital, telling Zhou Jianqing he had an injury when he was a young child, so try to prevent this circumstance. Zhou Jianqing blamed himself and stated she might be held liable. Gu Nanzhou only expected that she’d marry herself.

Zhou Jianqing understood that Gu Nanzhou did not like herselfand confirmed whether Gu Nanzhou and himself did not need to discuss love. Gu Nanzhou reported that she simply needs her to wed herself and let him care for her, however, Zhou Jianqing explained it is completely not possible for them. Gu Nanzhou delivered Zhou Jianqing back to college.

Zhou Jianqing stated he was simply pretending to be his girlfriend. Jiang Jingxuan was really excited when she discovered that Gu Nanzhou desired to wed Zhou Jianqing. Gu’s mum asked Zhou Jianqing to visit Nebula Comics following graduation. Both denied in unison. Zhou Jianqing desired to provide Gu’s mum a terrible impression, and Gu Nanzhou reluctantly ceased. After considering it, Gu’s mom recognized that Zhou Jianqing was the girl of the benefactor.

Zhou Jianqing believed that the improvement was too quickly, and was ashamed to deny. Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing emerged in wedding gowns and suits. Gu’s mother lamented that they’re so good-fitting. Gu’s mum even pretended to be ill and requested them to take wedding photographs. After taking the marriage photographs, Gu Nanzhou requested Zhou Jianqing if she had been prepared to marry him. Zhou Jianqing refused to allow her return.

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