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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 10 Recap


Zhou Jianqing did not move home daily. Gu Nanzhou hurriedly delivered a message, and eventually believed that Zhou Jianqing enjoyed him and did not dare to return, stating that he would cancel the arrangement and actually try it collectively.

Suddenly, Zhou Jianqing had returned, nor did he watch the WeChat delivered by Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou just said clearly he understood Zhou Jianqing enjoyed him. Zhou Jianqing did not understand why he believed he enjoyed him.

The manager requested Zhou Jianqing to bring a second shift, Zhou Jianqing could just concur, and Zhang Yin remained up with her with no criticism. Gu Nanzhou cancelled the afternoon assembly and stated he would go home. When he predicted the house, the house said a small girl was discovered.

Both quarreled. Gu Nanzhou drove Zhang Yin out right, and Zhou Jianqing was really ashamed. Jiang Xiaochuan arrived at a really late moment. Gu Nanzhou needed a significant temper early in the afternoon. Zhang Yin believed that Gu Nanzhou was quite mad to Zhou Jianqing, Zhou Jianqing immediately explained he wasn’t, but Zhang Yin was constantly concerned. Zhou Jianqing requested Zhang Yin to Visit the business for himself, and conducted to the garbage can from the building to locate the Rubik’s Cube.

Su Youxia stated listlessly that she appeared to like somebody, but he did not enjoy herself at all. The both of them did not match each other whatsoever. Zhou Jianqing invited her to chase her bravely. She’ll always encourage Su Youxia, and Su Youxia was instantly invited.

Thinking of this message he had delivered to Zhou Jianqing, he immediately ran to the bedroom and picked up the telephone to delete the message. Both became entangled . Zhou Jianqing obtained the telephone got up and asked what Gu Nanzhou’d deleted. Gu Nanzhou stated it had been Nebula’s business secrets. Obviously, Zhou Jianqing did not think it.

Zhou Jianqing requested Zhang Yin to have a lavish breakfast, however, Zhang Yin denied and requested her to save a little money. If she renders Gu Nanzhou one day, she’ll feel somewhat emboldened. Zhou Jianqing can not describe it clearly. Gu Nanzhou was more mad that she believed she wished to cover back and leave earlier. Su Youxia arrived at Zhou Zixuan and brought food. Su Youxia almost crushed something on his spine. Zhou Zixuan hurriedly protected . Su Youxia unexpectedly thought of Zhou Zixuan helping her push off the bastards when she had been in high school.

Zhang Yin reported that the boss enjoys her modification program. Zhou Jianqing is quite happy he can alter the storyline by himself later on. Zhang Yin found that Zhou Jianqing’s sneakers were filthy and understood that she was searching for Rubik’s Cube at the garbage dump, and he had a significant opinion of Gu Nanzhou.
Early the following morning,” Jiang Xiaochuan came to gossip and stated that Zhou Jianqing had submitted photographs of them viewing the sunrise together.

Gu Nanzhou discovered after viewing her group of friends that person was Zhang Yin, also arranged that Zhou Jianqing shouldn’t be cited in Nebula later on.
Zhang Yin had prepared food and milk, and she could not have a snack. Gu Nanzhou maintained the empty room and waited for Zhou Jianqing to go home and needed to call. Zhou Jianqing was too occupied to look closely at the drawing. Gu Nanzhou believed she was mad and was really stressed. The news has been edited a few occasions and it wasn’t sent out. Zhou Jianqing dropped asleep on the desk, Zhang Yin carefully covered her clothes, hoping that she’d leave Gu Nanzhou shortly, he could handle Zhou Jianqing better!



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