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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 1 Recap

Gu Nanzhou didn’t appear for quite a while in the Gu Group assembly. Lu Ziming purchased the group shares harshly, and Gu Nanzhou’s speech was at stake. Gu Nanzhou obtained Zhou Jianqing’s message and discovered it was the woman from Manxing who had been a bit surprised, and moved to Zhou Jianqing whatever the group.

Gu Nanzhou does not have any opportunity to fall in love, and also intends to propose marriage straight. Zhou Jianqing, that had been rescued from the hero, actually needed a heartbeat. At the vehicle, Gu Nanzhou requested Zhou Jianqing to wed him. He can do his best to shield her and resolve Zhou Zixuan’s debt. Gu Nanzhou took off his coat and wished to approve Zhou Jianqing’s clothing, but was chased by Zhou Jianqing and dashed away.

Zhou Jianqing was quite upset and asked him to honor the writer’s attempts. Gu Nanzhou believed her job was completely useless. Zhou Jianqing harshly place him onto the wall and repeatedly emphasized that he didn’t plagiarize, requesting him to apologize for his job and cover for his activities.

Nowadays Zhou Zixuan dismissed Zhou Jianqing and she had been really stressed. Aunt Suguan arrived at Zhou Jianqing with a lot of blossoms, which was clearly delivered by Gu Nanzhou. Jiang Xiaochuan subsequently created bad thoughts, then Zhou Jianqing obtained a lavish lunch, a great deal of snacks, and even ready her exclusive parachutist and exclusive vehicle. Zhou Jianqing was really speechless. Zhou Jianqing received an order for preparing the union proposal, however he didn’t anticipate the purchase was out of Gu Nanzhou, and also the goal of the proposal was herself.

Zhou Jianqing vomited bitterness at college and Zhang Yin, also has been appointed during course. Mr. Gu left his will five decades back and left a letter, trusting Gu Nanzhou will take decent care of his buddy’s daughter Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing answered the question quite nicely, and the instructor was quite happy and requested her to be the class representative with this session. In addition, he stated he attracted a particular prize of 5,000 yuan at the supermarket last moment. In fact, it had been Zhou Zixuan who requested her to help.

The second Zhou Jianqing watched Gu Nanzhou was shocked, Gu Nanzhou’s face was dumbfounded just like a war, and he straightly took the ring out and requested Zhou Jianqing to wed him, which instantly attracted crowds of onlookers. Zhou Jianqing was reluctant to wed Gu Nanzhou, however, Gu Nanzhou straightforwardly told me that he had been serious. Zhou Jianqing abandoned speechlessly, but came back to inquire Gu Nanzhou to get a service charge of two million. Gu Nanzhou had paid the cash, and when he stretched his hand out, he fished Zhou Jianqing to his arms. Zhou Jianqing nevertheless stepped him unmoved.

So as to save his own life Jiang Xiaochuan immediately created a killer. The following day, Zhou Jianqing obtained innumerable designer bags out of Gu Nanzhou, stating they were presents of apology. Jiang Xiaochuan presided over the assembly Rather than Gu Nanzhou.

Zhou Jianqing arrived at the Enterprise to locate Gu Nanzhou. The front desk stated that an appointment was required, and Zhou Jianqing broke in straight. Zhou Jianqing requested Gu Nanzhou to take back the things and to not appear in his life, but Gu Nanzhou insisted that Zhou Jianqing wed him. The two kissed unusually.

Gu Nanzhou arbitrarily suggested to terminate the deal together with Manxing. Mr. Liu begged him to examine the female functions. When he was not able to do anything, he also predicted Zhou Jianqing to scold him deducted her remuneration. Zhou Jianqing was in a rush, she painted in compliance with the organization’s requirements! Gu Nanzhou inadvertently got Zhou Jianqing’s animation manuscript on the floor and stepped on it liberally.

It just took four decades to produce the Gu Family’s transformation , and in addition, he established Nebulas Animation. Nancheng University, Zhou Jianqing, that functions as a part-time purchase secretary, attracted dozens of takeaways into the classroom. Her main occupation is a cartoonist. Mr. Liu of Manxing revealed her the strategy and requested Zhou Jianqing to pull it outside. Zhou Jianqing was somewhat embarrassed due to the damn plot, and was eventually moved by the purchase price of two hundred page. Gu Nanzhou chose to terminate the deal together with Manxing. Gu Nanzhou will not let Nebula to flip into crap.

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