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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 9 Recap

Gu Jiawei. Lin Yunyun requested the instructor to compose the test papers for Xinyue to constitute the test. The instructor stated that it was not possible to compose the evaluation papers for her . Lin Yunyun was quite upset and believed that Xinyue shouldn’t be demoted.

At that moment, Xinyue missed the examination due to illness, and she wished to visit some other establishment. The instructor cried, believing that Lin Yunyun may stop the course quickly.

I discovered that wake up was searching for a grandma, stating that she would wrap her up. Lin Yunyun known as Gu Jiawei and discovered that Gu Jiawei had arrived at the parking lot and intentionally pretended to be ill in front of him.
Crescent didn’t do a query, stating that the response from the instructor of this educational institution was right. Gu Jiawei was quite upset when he noticed that, believing that the company was lacking quality and deceiving the kids, and stated he wished to change into some other business.

If Su wakes up to send her kids to college, Shen Xiaoyan introduces a few aunts into Su Xing, and that she happens to talk with other parents. Everybody is speaking about children’s education in associations. Lin Yunyun gloated on the misfortune, also spoke with other parents a whole lot, regaining her morals.

The kindergarten is finished, along with the parents complained that somebody unconsciously brought the ill child to the faculty, and the entire course was quarantined. Shen Xiaoyan felt aggrieved, however the parents of many household committees all silenced her and she may only apologize.

Lin Yunyun arrived at the institution and asked the instructor to assist Xinyue compose the examination. The instructor stated that she can do nothing. If Xinyue has the power, she is able to participate next time. Lin Yunyun was really upset.

Boss Mo went to wake to organize work, so that he could not take Xi Wang into the course and named Xi Bin. After Shen Zihao discovered it, he advised him that training associations for young and young pupils are in short supply today. Xi Bin attracted Xi Wang to subscribe to the trial course. Xi Bin did not understand if Xi Wang might enroll. In the end, this association was quite popular
Lin Yunyun went house to whine to Gu Jiawei, believing that the bureau didn’t provide Xinyue a opportunity. Gu Jiawei believes that Lin Yunyun is the mum of Niuwa. Let her move for much more grinding. Lin Yunyun was miserable, believing she needed to reflect on her own.

Gu Jiawei advised Xinyue to hear Lin Yunyun, and she adored her. He Jinghua went everywhere searching for the advice books purchased for Siyuan, but Jiang Bo chose it to pad the bud. He Jinghua encouraged Jiang Bo to create Siyuan clinic more often, but he did not expect to become mad when assessing the textbook.

Once the mother-in-law discovered He Jinghua quarreling with her dad, Jiang Bo kindly persuaded him his father-in-law advised him to not look after his household affairs. Jiang Bo just had to move downstairs to purchase popsicles, while sitting in the vehicle to breathe. Zi Ning went home and watched Jiang Bo, realizing that the home was furious.

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