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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 7 Recap

Uncle Zou implied that in the event that you would like to find alert and rest assured, you have to first shut up Suwa. Xi Bin took the initiative to acknowledge Su Xing and organized a training course for Xi Wang. Su Xing was amazed and anxious to understand.

Unexpectedly, this coaching course proven to be enjoyable. Xi Bin believes the child’s character is to play with, and it seems fantastic to be ridiculed. This isn’t exactly what she wishes to organize.

After waking up and coming home, he had been frightened from the absurd prank. Su Xing asked concerning Xi Bin’s schooling, Xi Bin reported he would allow his kids learn what he enjoyed. Xi Bin requested Uncle Zou to whine about it, believing that the method of schooling for waking was overly rigorous.

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