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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 6 Recap

Lin Yunyun asked her instructor to update Crescent’s course, but the instructor stated that Crescent had openings and lacked rational thinking. However, Lin Yunyun disagrees, believing the in depth evaluation of this new moon has to not be any issue, and it can’t be discriminated between women and men. The moon is certainly the ideal.

Su Xing attracted Xi Wang into the business back, and Xi Wang just wanted to play Shen Zihao. Shen Zihao shifted his lollipop into Xi Wang, but he wasn’t permitted to eat. Wake up needs Xiwang to pull on the musty odor when you can, and pull out the ring. Boss Mo also came to advocate that the resuscitation program, believing that Shen Zihao had given the program, so it is far better to awaken more . Xiwang wished to pull on the stinky odor, but could not pull it out, and if he awakened, he wasn’t permitted to leave his sight. However, Xiwang could not sit still, which influenced his retrieval work. Shen Zihao arrived to earn a relief, folded the paper to pull ridicule, so he could work with reassurance.

Xi Bin came into the enterprise to have a look, and if he awakened, he’d continue to do the job. Siyuan is still quite gloomy in the home and messes up the home. After Jiang Bo watched it, let’s Siyuan be obedient, otherwise he’d be defeated. Suddenly, Zi Ning didn’t visit the cram school. He Jinghua believed that there was a circumstance, since lately Zi Ning consistently called secretly and covertly, worried that she’d touch base with guys in society.

Xi Bin played Xi Wang, and Uncle Zou arrived to play with in their home and attracted Kaisailu. Gu Jiawei accused Lin Yunyun of never earning money and reducing expenses, rather than having a nice heritage of personality. Lin Yunyun explained that for the health of her loved ones, it’s wise to not eat foods that are overnight. Xinyue hurriedly showed Gu Jiawei, stating that he had been great at writing queries. Xinyue was eloquent in recitation of early legends, but he didn’t answer the math issues. Gu Jiawei stated it kept reminding Xinyue. Just take the very first place at the examination.

Su Xing clarified the layout heap resembles a child , because something has gone wrong. Lin Yunyun understood about Xiwang consuming the ring, also believed that kids shouldn’t be handed over to guys. Gu Jiawei asked Wake the way to balance both kids, Wake up to allow him discriminate against women’s rights. Gu Jiawei was mad, believing that he should not be so difficult when he wakes up.

He Jinghua gave Zi Ning the inspection stuff and asked her that she had been connected with, and spoke with her after Zi Ning went home each afternoon, he’d instruct Siyuan the addition and subtraction in 20. Zi Ning believed she had been brought up with her grandmother when she was a kid. She was somewhat rebellious and did not wish to hear He Jinghua’s words drove her from the room. Siyuan concealed in his little tent and did not wish to examine. Jiang Bo realized he Jinghua’s goal was to create Siyuan insist on Zining. He Jinghua did not know what to do, since Zining salt and oil didn’t arrive , Jiang Bo did not agree with this strategy.

Xi Bin told Su Xing he attempted many ways now and eventually made Xi Wang pull the ring out. Xi Bin reported that in the event that you wake up work problems, you are able to go home and find assistance.
Both hurried Xi Wang into the hospital. They stated there wasn’t any issue, and they might be excreted by eating more veggies, and there wasn’t any significant issue. Wake up and come back to the home, take the bathroom Xi Wang needed when he had been a youngster, to determine if he pulled the ring out. Wake up and revealed that the computer wasn’t plugged in at the moment, and the layout I created wasn’t stored. Xi Bin assisted to test it was blamed by Wake.

When Su Xing arrived at the office first in the morning, Shen Zihao encouraged her to invent a layout program and hands over her layout ideas to Su Xing in order she would consult with it and reveal that everybody was working together. Shen Xiaoyan successfully employed for a rider, also wishes to have a part-time occupation at night to provide meals, ask the store manager to assist correct the day change.

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