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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 4 Recap

Lin Yunyun requested Gu Jiawei when he’d asked about the rater. Gu Jiawei explained that Mr. Chen and the team had quite tight mouths and they had to keep getting near one another. He Jinghua believed that Gu Jiawei and his spouse were too preoccupied, and it wasn’t because the household didn’t enter the home.

Revved up, I felt drained this afternoon. Xi Bin is pleased, believing that Xi Wang is currently six years old, which both of these have quite great genes, so that they need to be nicely brought together. Unexpectedly, once I slept until midnight, Xiwang knocked on the door crying, and perhaps it was a nightmare, even when he awakened, he could sleep Xiwang, and Xi Bin simply returned into the sack pitifully by himself.
The kindergarten teacher required the kids to warm-up activities . Siyuan was quite naughty and didn’t allow him run . Jiang Bo took a great deal of effort to capture Siyuan. Wake up to telephone Xi Bin and request him to come more fast. Following the telephone call, I ran to Shen Xiaoyan. She wished to frighten her, but she did not anticipate Shen Xiaoyan to listen to her whatsoever. She wakes up and believes the parents are mirrors to your kids, and she feels ridiculous.

He sneezed always at the business, along with also his colleague given him Sanjiu Ganmaoling. Xi Bin did not know why kids could sleep in fragments, just hoping to begin school whenever possible.
Gu Jiawei was quite upset, believing that Xinyue dropped to Li Feifei, a kid of a grocery shipping parent, also accused of Lin Yunyun of kindly calling other parents. Initially, Gu Jiawei chose a group photograph. Gu Jiawei did not wish to go home for supper if he answered the telephone call from the boss. He believed that Crescent had missing, so that he had no face to have a group photograph, and accused of Lin Yunyun of hurrying to ask about the touch.


The open day operation formally started. Parents are imagining who’s scoring, stressing that the abilities of boys aren’t as great as girls. Every kid performed quite well, and lots of parents commended her when Xinyue performed. Su Xing was amazed. Seeing the functioning of the new moon, He Jinghua explained that those parents hid their coaching instructors and stressed that other kids would transcend themselves. Li Feifei’s fake functionality is also quite strong. It just took 45 minutes. Nevertheless, the secret performance attracted on by Xiwang surprised Wake, since this operation was somersault, and the crowd laughed.

In the conclusion of this open day operation, Xi Bin didn’t come to the spectacle. Boss Mo requested Su Xing to have an assembly, and Su Xing reported he couldn’t permit Xi Wang maintain the kindergarten independently. Gu Jiawei invited him to awaken. Shen Zihao was much better than wake up concerning strength. It had been his own recommendation which gave him an opportunity to awaken. Xiwang was crying really sad, believing that she wasn’t happy when she awakened, so she wasn’t permitted to depart the kindergarten. However, Gu Jiawei was advocating her from the side . Fortunately, Xi Bin dashed into her. Otherwise, there’s absolutely no manner, however, she was very sad when she had been crying and she kept calling her mom.

It was parents that brought their kids to the open day. Su Xing found that Beibei spoke nicely and was interested about where she analyzed. Beibei’s parents stated that they’re extremely Buddhist, as well as their kids all know by watching animations.
After sunrise, Xi Bin awakened and discovered that it was nearly ten o’clock. He washed and dressed. He had been in a rush. The purpose was that nobody had left breakfast. As he was going to depart, he discovered that the shoes he’d awakened were there, just to understand that neither of these was up.

Li Xiang also wear a shirt and wished to proceed, however, Shen Xiaoyan did not need him to follow along. Locked. Xinyue also gave a demonstration in home in progress, and Gu Jiawei appeared really happy.

He did not expect to turn around to watch Awakening, and recognized he had spoken. Shen Xiaoyan was really upset, stating that she was only giving some thing, not an aunt. At the moment, He Jinghua came and recognized that she had been Li Feifei’s mum, Shen Xiaoyan. After mentioning some thing, I discovered that the protagonist that had been surrounded by the primary final time was Shen Xiaoyan.

In the physical competition website, Li Feifei continued to execute well. Siyuan took the chance to grab the pole in Xiwang’s hands and hurried into the front. Xi Bin stopped yelling all at one time. The other households were taking photographs. Xi Wang still wished to awaken. Li Xiang hurried to the kindergarten and has to take photographs.


Since the open day is coming, Xi Bin and Su Xing wear fresh garments for Xi Wang and requested him to flaunt the series, however, Xi Wang still kept it confidential. Gu Jiawei did not be concerned about allowing Lin Yunyun go , stressed that she hadn’t ever seen the entire world screw this up. When the open afternoon comes, Gu Jiawei will observe the effective person in the audience, and allow Lin Yunyun collaborate with her nicely, and allow Xinyue work nicely.

At this moment, Wake was not able to put in the kindergarten because she didn’t put on a badge. Lin Yunyun was the chairman of their household and was also on company, so she requested Wake to visit the guard to go into with the other temporary badge. Only then did I recognize Gu Jiawei came with a bunch of individuals. Several moms discussed that Gu Jiawei needed a big social circle and the people around him need to have a great deal of history and were inquisitive about what to advocate. Lin Yunyun reported that there wasn’t any such thing in any way, so let everybody go in and chat about it.

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