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Hand In Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 19 Recap

Zi Ning participated in the enrollment performance of the art troupe, but it was unexpected that Teacher Wang would be the judge again.

After Zi Ning’s performance was over, Teacher Wang asked Zi Ning to go home and wait for the notice. Zi Ning was not convinced, and returned to the stage, wanting Teacher Wang to give an explanation. Teacher Wang still asked her to go back and wait. Zi Ning was upset for a moment. She burst out of emotions, saying that Teacher Wang and the judges were hypocritical and made herself wait every time, but the result was nothing. Teacher Wang was irritated, thinking that Zi Ning was already old, and even if he entered the dance troupe, he would eventually be beaten by the good people around him, and would be hit harder. He Jinghua was also very angry when he saw this scene, thinking that Teacher Wang had ruined his daughter’s dream in this way.

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