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Hand In Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 17 Recap

Gu Jiawei accused Lin Yunyun of increasing the cost. Lin Yunyun was unhappy and complained a few words, thinking that she had always been for this family. Gu Jiawei compromised, as long as the construction period is normal, so that it can be accounted for to shareholders. Lin Yunyun praised Shen Zihao a few more words, Gu Jiawei became jealous, took Lin Yunyun’s mobile phone, and just saw the WeChat sent by Shen Zihao to Lin Yunyun.

Lin Yunyun gave He Jinghua the cherry blossom cake she made, and told her about her own shop, and wanted to ask her more about financial matters. He Jinghua happily agreed, in order for Siyuan to enter Lin Yunyun’s Weiyun education, after all, there are very good teachers there. Discuss with Jiang Bo when I get home. He Jinghua and Jiang Bo gossiping. They talked about decoration and guessed whether Lin Yunyun was derailed. Siyuan was very interested when she heard that she thought Lin Yunyun was driving a train. Si Yuan ran to Zi Ning’s room and folded a piece of paper into an airplane. He Jinghua discovered that Zi Ning was secretly applying for the dance troupe.

When Shen Zihao went out to get coffee, he happened to see Gu Jiawei driving over. He hurried back to the decoration site of Weiyun and reminded Su Xing to leave quickly so as not to be discovered by Gu Jiawei. Wake was finishing the blank picture on the wall, so he could only put down the color drawing plate and left quietly. Wake up in a panic, preparing to get off the elevator, and see Lin Yunyun coming up with a group of mothers. He Jinghua first noticed that he was awake, and immediately called her to let her go to the decoration site with him.

Gu Jiawei talked to Shen Zihao and saw the women and girls painted on the wall, thinking that he liked his wife Lin Yunyun. He kept talking, debunking Shen Zihao’s deception, thinking that he either liked his wife, or he did not do the design this time. Shen Zihao didn’t know how to explain, feeling very embarrassed. Lin Yunyun just heard this sentence, and later learned that it was the decoration designed by Awakening. She asked to wipe off the mural immediately, no matter how Shen Zihao persuaded it, after all, this is a unique mural, and there is no way to wake up. She sprinkled white paint on the wall in front of everyone and personally destroyed the mural.

Su Xing and Shen Zihao went to the Japanese food store to eat and drink, and Su Xing kept complaining about it. Ever since I met Shen Zihao, it has not gone smoothly. Shen Zihao enlightened her to wake up and recognized her design strength, only to be messed up because she was at odds with Lin Yunyun. Su Xing got drunk and was in a mess, went home, and hugged Xi Bin, but it was a pity that she painted the mural because she really liked it.

Lin Yunyun returned home and had no intention of teaching Xinyue to play the piano. When she saw Gu Jiawei sitting on the sofa and cutting her fingernails, she didn’t take the trash can to follow her. Gu Jiawei added fuel to the fire and kept talking about how fiery-eyed he was. He saw Shen Zihao’s trick of deceiving Lin Yunyun and planned not to even give the final payment. Lin Yunyun took the vacuum cleaner and turned on the switch to calm herself down and don’t refute.

Su Xing asked Lin Yunyun to apologize, thinking that she should not deceive her, but she was really serious about making this design, and hoped that Lin Yunyun would give another chance. But Lin Yunyun also appreciated a little, and took out a bunch of health care products to stop waking up from appearing in front of her.

Lin Yunyun promoted her Weiyun education at the entrance of the kindergarten. He Jinghua took one by the way and wanted to let Siyuan in. Wake up to kindergarten, and gave Shen Xiaoyan a new vase. Shen Xiaoyan returned to the supermarket and received Lin Yunyun’s order, and Lin Yunyun gave her some cherry blossom red bean crisps. Shen Xiaoyan wanted Li Feifan to take a trial at Weiyun, and she wanted to find another part-time job. Lin Yunyun didn’t know what slogan to use to match the blank wall, so she left the staff empty.

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