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Hand In Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 16 Recap

Shen Zihao didn’t want to see Awakening in the mother’s circle, lost himself, missed the confidence and talent in the workplace, and smiled heartily. Xinyun played the piano at home, and Lin Yunyun praised her and made a video.

Xinyue wanted to play the Four Little Swans with Lin Yunyun. Lin Yunyun said that she was also practicing piano secretly, and the two were very happy to practice piano. Unexpectedly, Gu Jiawei came to disturb the two of them. He looked everywhere for the sneakers he wanted to wear, but it seemed that he was not at home, maybe in the office. Lin Yunyun had to drive to help him get it back.

Shen Zihao and Su Xing came to the education decoration site, and Su Xing took a look at the scene, feeling that there was no need to move. Shen Zihao is a bit gossip about awakening and Lin Yunyun, feeling awakened is certainly not liked by women. Shen Zihao sent some exercises to Su Xing. Su Xing said that there were more gifts like this. She felt the situation on the scene and said the ideas that needed to be added. Unexpectedly, Lin Yunyun came to the decoration site after taking the shoes, and she awakened in fright and hurriedly hid.

Shen Zihao could only divert Lin Yunyun’s attention and describe the idea of awakening through her own mouth. Lin Yunyun was very satisfied after hearing it. Seeing that there was a beautiful vase on the table, Shen Zihao had to say that it was specially bought for decoration. Lin Yunyun liked to take it away, but this vase was specially selected by awakening to give it away. During this process, there was a power outage at the scene, and Shen Zihao guessed that it might have tripped. Lin Yunyun was going to turn on the power. Shen Zihao accidentally touched her hand, and the two of them were immediately embarrassed. Lin Yunyun had no choice but to say that the air here was not good, and quickly left with her vase.

Wake up to see this scene, feeling very funny, and when he returned home, he told Xi Bin about it. Su Wake sat down to give Xi Wang a tutoring course, but Xi Bin thought of Xi Wang going out to play football, and the two people’s educational concept caused a dispute. Wake up and look forward to school, and accidentally saw Lin Yunyun’s car, with several sets of clothes in the car, making her feel like a moving castle.

Su Xing and Shen Zihao chose the vase again, but Shen Zihao’s appreciation level is really hard to compliment. Su Xing wants to know Lin Yunyun’s preferences and better design the decoration, but she has been blocked by Lin Yunyun’s circle of friends. After Shen Zihao found out, he felt very funny, and he added Lin Yunyun’s WeChat face to face. Wake up asked Shen Zihao to take screenshots of Lin Yunyun’s friends to herself every day. She found that Lin Yunyun was a full-time wife who was good at disguising herself and had a vanity.

After a few days of observation, Su Xing quietly followed and checked and discovered a shocking secret. Unexpectedly, a broad wife like Lin Yunyun would actually eat stinky tofu at a roadside stall, and there was an unqualified woman next to Lin Yunyun, who turned out to be Lin Yunyun’s mother. She found that she didn’t want Gu Jiawei to say outside, Lin Yunyun’s mother was a university professor.

Su Xing snuggled next to Xi Bin, lamenting that she finally understood Lin Yunyun. Through today’s discovery, she saw that although Lin Yunyun was a wife of Kuo, she was very unhappy in life. Xi Bin teased that she should not have lust for selfishness.

Shen Zihao took Lin Yunyun to visit the decoration design site of Weiyun Educational Institution. Lin Yunyun was very satisfied at first, but when she saw the new modification plan, she thought it would delay the construction period and increase the cost, so she couldn’t explain it to Gu Jiawei. Shen Zihao gave Lin Yunyun the original idea of this modification plan according to what he had discussed with him before waking up, and Lin Yunyun was very satisfied with it.

When Gu Jiawei saw the new design plan, he thought it would increase the cost too much. Lin Yunyun told Shen Zihao’s inspiration. Gu Jiawei felt familiar when he heard this, and thought that the work could not be started one day later, otherwise the work would be deducted. Lin Yunyun persuaded Gu Jiawei that this new plan is really for the mothers to consider, and Shen Zihao should be rewarded. Gu Jiawei had doubts and thought that Lin Yunyun had a good impression of Shen Zihao. He took Lin Yunyun’s phone and saw the chat history of the two.

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