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Hand In Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 14 Recap

He Jinghua found Zi Ning by the river, Zi Ning vented loudly here, remembering that when he was a child, his father left here and never came back. He Jinghua admitted that he wanted face, but he always cared about Zining in his heart.

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Zi Ning thought that she had failed the college entrance examination, so He Jinghua gave up. He wanted to seek refuge with his father, and he didn’t want adults to mix his own affairs, just want to do something meaningful. He Jinghua felt very uncomfortable, and hoped that Zi Ning would not be self-assertive and discuss anything with his family.

Xi Bin made breakfast and shouted Xi Wang to eat and hurry to school. Xi Bin disliked Xi Bin’s craftsmanship and wanted to eat a sandwich made by waking up, so he hurriedly sent Xi Wang to kindergarten. Xi Bin was hungry and looked for Uncle Zou to eat. Uncle Zou laughed at him for what he deserved and asked him to confess his mistake and get him back. Xi Bin didn’t think it was his own problem.

Wake up to Ding Lan to complain, feeling that he has failed in his work and in educating his children. Ding Lan persuaded her to endure what she could tolerate, and when she woke up, she thought about the maternity and baby shop, and thought that something must be done. Shen Xiaoyan paid attention to some training institutions that learned calligraphy, and took it to the company to wake up, hoping that wake up can be considered. Su Xing wanted to improve Xi Wang’s logical ability, fearing that he could not sit still and learn calligraphy. When Shen Xiaoyan saw Xi Bin send Xiwang to school, she persuaded her to wake up not to quarrel with her husband, otherwise the child would easily suffer.

Gu Jiawei was very angry, thinking that waking up was a sting, he didn’t design the maternity and baby shop well, and offended his friend. Shen Zihao suggested that Gu Jiawei should help the maternal and child store and ask for compensation from the hard-installed construction party. He believed that awakening could not be made out of nothing, and the maternal and child store may indeed have a problem of excessive formaldehyde. Gu Jiawei thinks what Shen Zihao said makes sense.

Uncle Zou called Xi Bin and told him to come home at night, because he was about to wake up, so he could admit his mistake. Xi Bin came to the flower shop with Xi Wang and asked the manager if he wanted to buy flowers for apology and love. He happened to be seen by the awakening passing the door. Xi Bin hurriedly reconciled with Su Xing, and the couple happily went to Uncle Zou’s house for dinner.

Boss Mo accuses Reawakening, thinking that she has broken the rules of the industry, taking care of her private work, and causing the company to irritate all the time because of the mother and baby shop. Reawakening stated that he really did not look down on the practice of maternity and infant shops, and had no professional ethics and conscience at all. Boss Mo said that she was the Mother of God, so she should take care of everything and asked her to leave the company. Su Xing was very angry, saying that from the beginning of his business to the present, Boss Mo has been helping him with a lot of things. If the company wants to fire him, he doesn’t want to do it.

Wake up and go home, tell Xi Bin and Xi Wang that they don’t need to work for the time being, and they should help Xi Wang study well at home. When Gu Jiawei returned home, Lin Yunyun did everything well, and heard him say a gossip about being fired from the company after waking up. Gu Jiawei also thought that he had reminded him to wake up, but he did not think of his own problems. Lin Yunyun listened to gloating.

Waking up was very worrying. She told Xi Bin that she wanted to go to work and didn’t want to stay at home. Xi Bin hugged her, comforted her awakening, and supported all her decisions, except for her husband. Su Xing began to send Xi Wang to kindergarten. A group of people in the family committee saw that Lin Yunyun deliberately told her about her being fired. She also said that she had done something sorry for the company and deliberately slandered her image.

Su Xing received a call from the educational institution, and Xi Wang was able to take the transfer exam. It turned out to be Shen Zihao’s credit. Su Xing hurried home to share with Xi Bin, feeling that he was finally out of the sea of suffering, as long as Xi Wang entered the training institution.

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