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Hand In Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 13 Recap

Hand In Hand Episode 13 Recap: Wake up to find evidence of excessive formaldehyde in the mother and baby shop, Jiang Bo disguised as a woman and was taken away by security.

Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 12 Recap

Su Xing told Shen Xiaoyan that he sincerely invited Aunt Yang, but was rejected. Shen Xiaoyan felt uneasy, and she awakened to express her understanding and asked her to be careful when taking the order. He Jinghua scolded Siyuan and brought Zi Ning for questioning. He thought she took Siyuan to the game hall, which was easy to play with things, and tore up Siyuan’s lottery ticket in a fit of anger. Zining replied rebelliously, thinking that He Jinghua did not understand herself and Siyuan. Siyuan quietly told Zi Ning that he didn’t tell He Jinghua about her going to the dance studio, but he still wanted to play drums.

Li Feifei woke up in the middle of the night and called to his parents, but no one agreed. He had to get up and pour water by himself, but unexpectedly knocked over the kettle and broke the glass on the floor. After Shen Xiaoyan came back to see, she found that Li Xiang was asleep while Li Feifei, sneaking out to play mahjong, yelling and cursing at him.

Wake up to the coffee shop, Lin Yunyun deliberately called Aunt Yang in front of Wake, and introduced Aunt Yang to the full-time wife of another rich man. When Su Xing heard that she was upset, she stood up and accused Lin Yunyun, thinking that she could not use Aunt Yang herself, and refused to let her use it. Lin Yunyun was righteous and said in front of the family committee that she had no money when she woke up, and that she was looking for a good job for Aunt Yang. Awakening angered Lin Yunyun, saying that she was making money on her own, not a man, she could earn again without money, but without freedom, it would be boring. Lin Yunyun was speechless and angry.

Wake up to the mother and baby store, and put the formaldehyde test box in the store cabinet under the pretext of measuring the size. Wake up and return home, discuss the child’s education with Xi Bin, worrying about being unqualified as a parent and worrying that the child will lose at the starting line. Gu Jiawei asked Shen Zihao about the delivery time of the design drawings of the maternity and infant store, indicating that the owner of the maternity and infant store Xia is his friend and asked him to remind Su Xing to hurry up and submit the draft. It was very difficult for Shen Zihao to be caught in the middle, but he kept saying good things to wake up.

When he returned to the company, Shen Zihao asked Su Wake not to mix with formaldehyde, and warned him to think about ridiculing education institutions. Su Xing took out the real formaldehyde test report, the store was seriously exceeding the standard and did not meet the opening standards at all, indicating that he would not be troubled by his conscience. Shen Zihao was very angry, but Su Xing insisted on his principles. If the maternity store does not meet the standards, he will not let it go.

After Jiang Bo helped people make-up at the mall, he thought of Zi Ning studying here, but he didn’t expect to see Zi Ning buying clothes. Jiang Bo had to disguise as a woman and waited at the door of the toilet, but was taken away by the security personnel as a pervert. Su Xing brought Xi Wang home to study and assigned him a lot of homework. Xiwang had a temper and didn’t want to study, so he regained consciousness and said a few more words to tell him not to go home without doing his homework. He wailed and didn’t go back and didn’t go back, regained anger and turned away and walked a few steps. Unexpectedly, turning around again, she didn’t see Xi Wang’s figure, anxiously she yelled everywhere. Finally, when he saw Xi Bin holding Xiu Wang, Xi Bin was very angry, and accused him that he shouldn’t leave Xiu alone by the roadside.

He Jinghua knew about Zi Ning’s use of money to go to dance classes, and criticized her that she should not give up her academic qualifications, thinking that learning dance is a meal of youth. Zi Ning said that she wanted to go abroad to learn dance, and she also said that her father would arrange everything. He Jinghua called her ex-husband face to face, and Zi Ning felt unhappy that she ran away from home when she heard her father’s repentance.

After waking up and returning home after a busy day, in order to eat a healthy dinner for Xiuwang, he hurriedly went into the kitchen to get busy. Unexpectedly, after making dinner, seeing Xi Bin secretly eating fried chicken takeaway with Xi Wang, he was so angry that he ran away from home. Xi Bin went out and looked around for awakening. He saw Zi Ning being drunk and molested by two little hooligans. He couldn’t stand to stop him. Zi Ning thanked Xi Bin for his favor.

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