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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 11 Recap

Lin Yunyun utilized her husband’s well-connected relationship along with also a sensible crescent to keep Aunt Yang. She promised that following Aunt Yang’s kid graduates, she is able to organize a much better job because of her kid and return it to her.

She wished to know that robbed her favourite cousins, but she suddenly ran into awakening, and both had a dispute at the coffee store. Su Xing believes that auntie is quite acceptable for her type of job, and Lin Yunyun was able to look back on the mom who allowed her aunt afford the kid.

The ideal area, so Aunt Yang can proceed just a tiny bit. Su Xing discovered that Aunt Yang desired to visit a different home, so that she asked Aunt Yang to fulfill. Aunt Yang also believed that Aunt Yang’s house was quite excellent. Lin Yunyun was miserable when she understood it.



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